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Toddle Along Tuesday: Henry and the Dogs

I've been so excited for this post! Toddle Along Tuesday this week is all about babies and pets. Henry and our dogs, Nettie and Lexi, have more pictures together than I can possibly post. But here are some of my favorites...

Despite his love for our dogs, Henry's true love is my parent's dog, Bentley. Henry loves that dog. Seriously loves!

I can't wait to see all the cute pictures! Link up and share! 
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Tot School the Color Tan

Henry is 16 months.

Tot school's color this week was tan. It was another sort-of weird half week. We started the week with a couple more days of grey, then switched. It all worked out, tan and grey were both sort of boring, but I figured at least some exposure was better than none. The activity wall didn't change much this week. I kept the letters on the magnet board -- and Henry totally ignored them. Henry has gotten really really excited about the weather wall this week. Its finally clicking that he looks out the window then picks. Hen thought it was funny just picking random conditions. He also would look multiple times and then change the board. The felt board's new shape was a camel. 
The tot trays were fun this week. The sensory bin was definitely the lamest one we have had so far. I had a hard time coming up with tan ideas {that didn't involve sand -- and I wasn't ready to tackle that indoors}, and Henry didn't have a lot of tan toys. I think overall, He…


Henry may not always be the happiest, calmest, or quietest toddler. But, you know what? This kid knows how to work a crowd.

What a hambone. We are in so much trouble.

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Toddle Along Tuesday: My Job

This post is way overdue. I've alluded to the fact that I'm working from home a few times, but I've never gone into detail.
{Quick back story -- I went to Loyola University of Chicago and got a B.A. in history, then I immediately went to William Mitchell College of Law in 2007. In 2010, I took and passed the bar exam making me a licensed attorney -- 3 weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I do not want to be a lawyer, but that's another story.}
Ok, back to my job. Basically, I'm a part-time independent contractor working for a consulting company. And honestly, I love it.
It's the perfect job for me right now. It's legal-related work, but it's 100 percent flexible and I work completely from home. My job consists of researching, writing, and editing bloggy {that's a word, right?} type articles. I work somewhere between 15-20 hours a week. 
My job has some serious perks. I have no set schedule -- just deadlines. I can work anywhere, anytime. I neve…

A Grey Week at Tot School

{Henry is 16 months old}

This week's tot school color was gray, and the week was as dull as the color. Henry was sick Monday with a stomach bug so we skipped tot school, then Wednesday Henry just flat out refused to do tot school and said "all done" before we had done anything, and finally Friday we left on a small out-of-town trip. Oh, well. I guess some weeks are just like that.  The activity wall was pretty much the same this week. I left the alphabet magnets up, and the weather wall was the same. I made a gray elephant to add to the felt board. I was surprised it was the first thing Henry noticed about his new classroom when we started. He walked up to it, pointed, and made an elephant sound -- so cute. 
The tot trays were a mix of old and new this week. We had a colored sensory bin filled with the most random stuff. I found a little gray hand broom and dust pan that he really loved. Also a gray spray bottle. And a few random silver objects. 

The second tray was the f…