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Things I love...Month 1

When I got pregnant, I learned just how much baby gear there is out there! It's absolutely crazy! And of course, you think you need every single thing or else you baby will be totally miserable, you'll never sleep, and your baby wont get into college! So you stock up on every little gadget, toy, and all the must-have gear. But then the baby comes, reality sets in, and you learn that your baby hates that expensive swing (:cough:Henry!:cough:) sitting in your living room.

But after a little over a month, there is certainly gear that I LOVE and can't imagine having a baby without. This is the baby stuff I love, for month 1:

Vibrating Bouncy Seat: I really wouldn't get any sleep without this seat. Henry loves, and therefore lives in, this seat. He sleeps and plays in it during the day, at night, when he's crabby, and when he's happy. It the only thing I have literally cried over (when the batteries died). The only downside to this chair are the batteries. They last…

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!!! We had a wonderful, albeit busy, Easter weekend. Our weekend started off with a great night of sleep! Henry slept until 8:30 Saturday morning, when he is usually up for the day around 6:30. It was great! He was still up several times during the night, but that extra couple hours in the morning really makes a big difference!

Morgan and I spent the day cleaning, running some errands, and hanging out with Henry. Saturday evening my parents, sister and brother came into town. All of us then went to Easter vigil. We went to this service because Morgan was getting confirmed into the Catholic church, and was receiving his first communion! We are all so proud of him! He has worked hard over the past nine months preparing for this, and Im so happy he made it to his goal.

 The service itself was one of the best masses I have ever been to in my entire life! It was beautiful. The music was perfect, and of course the Easter vigil is always moving. I was pretty stressed abut going…

One Month Old

Today Henry is officially one month old! Where is time going? Didn't we just bring him home? It makes me really sad, but also super happy that he seems to be doing so well an that I get to spend my days with him. I'm also very grateful that I'm not working - I can't imagine only having 2-3 more weeks of maternity leave, instead of 2-3 more months.

Over the last month, Henry has changed considerably. He's grown from 19.5 inches long to 22 inches long, and from 7 pounds 13 ounces (7 pounds 8 ounces at his lowest) to 10 pounds 2 ounces! He's also much more alert (although he has been an oddly alert newborn and has always stayed awake for several hours at a time a couple times a day). Now he likes to stare at people and things instead of just sit awake. He will follow an object that he is interested in- his favorites are his mobile in his crib and people (particularly me and Morgan). Henry will also turn his head to find the source of a loud noise.

His favorite thin…

Why do we live here?

I don't like to blog about the weather because its boring. That being said, I had a few thoughts about the weather. This has been a particularly tough winter. I normally just get mildly annoyed by winter. I know we got more snow than usual this year, but it also seemed like we never had sunny days either. I'm sure I suffered from at least a mild form of S.A.D. this time around. BUT, I love Minnesota, especially the Twin Cities. For me, it's home, and I would have a hard time leaving. So it got me thinking, why do people live here and like it so much if the winters are so terrible? Well, I realized why after the first really, really nice day this year when it was sunny and 70 degrees: getting through the winter is in and of itself a great accomplishment. I felt so good that first nice day, and wanted to jump up in the air in slow motion, with my fist raised, and shout "We made it!" You could literally be the laziest person in Minnesota, but when spring rolls aroun…

Our New Normal

Well after almost a month we have settled into a "new normal" around here. It took me a couple weeks at home to realize that life with Henry is now our "normal." For some reason I kinda was expecting things to go back to how they were before Henry came, like it was all too good to be true, and he was going to leave at any moment. But, no, everyday I'm blessed to wake up with precious baby Henry! I'm still in awe of the awesomeness that is having a baby! Yes, its tiring, frustrating, and at times really gross. But its absolutely amazing!

My days are now filled with four main activities: nurse a baby, burp a baby, change a baby, rock a baby. Repeat. I will say that it has been a challenge to do much more than that. I have to hope that Henry sleeps long enough that I can squeeze in a shower and a couple meals. If I'm really lucky, I'm able to get dinner finished before 7pm.

And we have had some hard days. Days, like yesterday, where Henry refuses to …

Faces of Henry

I just can't stop taking pictures of Hen...its a sickness.

2 Weeks Old

So it turns out that babies are really time consuming (haha - I did actually know this before Henry was born, but the reality is sinking in). I've sat down to write this post three times already and every time Henry has needed me. But finally! A two week update on precious baby Henry.

Henry is officially two weeks old now, and as of yesterday has been home for two weeks! Time is absolutely flying by. Everyday the little guy changes. I kinda hate that, I already miss my tiny newborn. Hes already huge! As of last Thursday, he weighs 8 pounds 8 ounces and is 21 inches long (that's 11 oz more than he weighted at birth, and 1.5 inches longer). He no longer fits in most of his newborn clothes and will soon be making the transition to size 1 diapers. He has also lost his little umbilical cord stump. Its just crazy to think about all that has changed, he even looks super different from his newborn pictures.

Henry really is a great baby. He has been really alert from birth and will stay…