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Photo Challenge Day 30

Topic: Holiday

Playing with the lights! And camera settings!

Photo Challenge Day 29

Topic: Happiness

Naked and with a Box?! Happiest day ever for Henry!

Photo Challenge Day 28

Topic: Food

The first Pinterest find I made - Baked S'mores! They were so delicious!

Photo Challenge Day 27

Topic: On the Go (Travel)

Henry in his temporary crib at Grandma's house.

Photo Challenge Day 26

Topic: Water

My nightly glass.

Photo Challenge Day 25

Topic: Thankful

Enough said.

Photo Challenge Day 24

Topic: Shadows

Nettie and Lexi spend every sunny morning on this chair.


I'm totally stealing this idea from a blogger friend of mine. But this year, here's what I'm thankful for:

Our beautiful healthy baby Henry. He is the light of my life, and just the sweetest best little boy.Morgan! He works so hard to make it possible for me to stay home with Henry and for us to have a nice life.The unseasonably dry weather we have been having. I hate the snow, and its a good year when we've only had one snowfall by Thanksgiving.That we can enjoy the holiday season without stress from school.Our dogs, although they can be a total pain, my life would be way less fun without them.My family who has supported us this last year, and have helped us with Henry.All of my friends, new and old, who have helped me keep my sanity while dealing with a colicy, fussy baby.  What are you thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Photo Challenge Day 23

Topic: Big or Small

A small baby in a big laundry bin.

Photo Challenge Day 22

Topic: Reflection

A lamp reflecting from a coaster in my living room.

Photo Challenge Day 21

Topic: Favorite Color


Photo Challenge Day 20

Topic: Self Portrait

I hate pictures of myself. But here you go...a day late, sorry.

Night Owl

The last two weeks Henry has decided that he is going to be a night owl. Well, he's always been a night owl, but he's taken it to the extreme. Instead of going down at his normal bedtime of 9:30-10:00, he's been staying up until 10:45-11:45. Then, he's sleeping in until 10:00-11:00 each morning. In theory him sleeping in sounds great, but it just perpetuates the cycle of staying up late and sleeping in.

Why is this a problem, you ask? Well, it takes away any bit of free time I used to have in the evenings. Time I use for couponing, hanging out with Morgan, and blogging. All three of these things have suffered.

Since my blog time has been limited, I've had all these post ideas but no time to actually write them. So, I'm using this post as a lame way list these missed posts, post some related pictures, and to apologize for the recent lack of content. So here goes...
Summer's Officially Over - we finished our last freeze pop. Henry's sleeping has gone from …

Photo Challenge Day 19

Topic: Bokeh (Blurred background or foreground)

I am no professional, and this is the best I could come up with. I need a DSLR, or figure out how to use the camera I already have.

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Photo Challenge Day 18

Topic: Treat

Henry slept until 11am yesterday! Definitely a treat for me.

8 Months Old!

Another month closer to 1 year old. Time sure is flying.

This month Henry has been doing awesome! Since starting his new medication, Henry has been much happier and sleeping much better. Not great, but better. We are getting more and more 3-4 hour stretches of sleep and have gotten a couple 5+ hour stretches! This is a major improvement.

Henry is just such a funny little baby. He's very happy when he's happy, but he can turn quickly on you. He lights up when Morgan comes home! Smiles from ear to ear, laughs. But Henry is also very shy. He will nuzzle into anything to hide his face when he meets someone new. One day, he actually got "shy" while in Target when we were checking a couple talking toys. Haha. To hide his face from the Elmo doll, he slammed his head right into the handle on the cart. He got a nice bruise from that one. He's just a wonderful little boy.

This month, Henry has become even more mobile. He can now walk behind a little moving car walker. H…