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July 25, 2012


Henry may not always be the happiest, calmest, or quietest toddler. But, you know what? This kid knows how to work a crowd.

What a hambone. We are in so much trouble.

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Lindsay said…
OH My. These pictures. I melted! Haha.
Katie said…
He is so CUTE! Oh, that smile!
Heather said…
He is adorable! I think its so funny how kids just know how to work it! They are too smart!!
Julie Rogers
Julie Rogers said…
So cute!!!! (And isn't this funny but my brother's nickname growing up was Hambone?) Adorable!

Jenn @ What You Make It
Oh my goodness, the cuteness is killing me right now! I bet he practically had bystanders eating out of the palm of his hand! Super sweet : )
Amy said…
Hahaha, what a cute kid! Watch out girls :)
Unknown said…
such an angel!!

come say hi at and have a great night!

Sapir @ The Sapphire Queen
What an adorable little man!
I'm thrilled to be your newest follower and would love it if you could return the follow if you get the chance and wish to :)
Sapir @
Analilia said…
He's adorable! He reminds me of mine :) Question, how do you like the sippy cup he has? Does it spill? Works better than other toddler cups? I'm thinking it's time for Michael to graduate to a spoutless cup.
Meghan @ Crazy Casa K
He's adorable! I love this age. We also have that sippy :) I've really been enjoying your much so I nominated you for a blog award :)
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
It's a playtex LIl' Gripper cup. I does not spill, ever! And Hen is rough with it. We only use it parttime now, and Zhenry has a hard time finding the spout, which is its only downside.
Nicole said…
Thank you, I'm honored!