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July 29, 2012

Tot School the Color Tan

Henry is 16 months.

Tot school's color this week was tan. It was another sort-of weird half week. We started the week with a couple more days of grey, then switched. It all worked out, tan and grey were both sort of boring, but I figured at least some exposure was better than none.
The activity wall didn't change much this week. I kept the letters on the magnet board -- and Henry totally ignored them. Henry has gotten really really excited about the weather wall this week. Its finally clicking that he looks out the window then picks. Hen thought it was funny just picking random conditions. He also would look multiple times and then change the board. The felt board's new shape was a camel. 

The tot trays were fun this week. The sensory bin was definitely the lamest one we have had so far. I had a hard time coming up with tan ideas {that didn't involve sand -- and I wasn't ready to tackle that indoors}, and Henry didn't have a lot of tan toys. I think overall, Hen is kind of bored of the sensory bins. In a couple weeks, when we move to shapes, I'm going to stop doing one every week. His favorite thing in the bin was a  set of gold {tanish} jacks, that he liked me to spin.

The second tray was a painted paint tray. Each spot was painted one color. Then he had a corresponding pom pom to place in that spot. It was a good mix of fine motor skills and color matching. Henry really enjoyed this tray this week. We used new sparkly pom poms which he loved. He wouldn't match the colors correctly, but he loved placing all the poms then shaking them all over. 

The final tray was a magnetic chalk board. After this fail, I went and picked up a $1 Christmas themed tray at Goodwill and painted it with the chalkboard paint. Then, I gave Hen a bunch of different colored chalk and let him go to town. He loved this the best. I spent a lot of time writing the names of the colors with the chalk, and trying to keep him from writing on everything.

The book bin was good this week. But not great. Henry still refused to let me read the books to him. He would sit and look at them himself, but threw a fit anytime I tried to read. Anyone else's toddler go through this phase? The funny thing is, that he wants me to read his non-tot school books all the time, he's only anti-me-reading at tot school. His favorite book this week was Renoir's Colors by Marie Sellier.

We didn't have time to do a ton of other stuff this week. But we did play with different colored glow sticks one afternoon, and Hen loved that. I would hide them around his bedroom, and ask him to bring me a certain color. He loved finding them, and actually got the colors right!

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Heather said…
Looks like a good week. The paint tray with little fuzzy poofs is something that Lennox has at her Montessori school and always likes it!
Cara said…
I love how you made that chalkboard, I am going to have to do something like that, what a wonderful idea. I have a tray we use for our magnet pages that could use some freshening up too.