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July 30, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday: Henry and the Dogs

I've been so excited for this post! Toddle Along Tuesday this week is all about babies and pets. Henry and our dogs, Nettie and Lexi, have more pictures together than I can possibly post. But here are some of my favorites...

Despite his love for our dogs, Henry's true love is my parent's dog, Bentley. Henry loves that dog. Seriously loves!

I can't wait to see all the cute pictures! Link up and share! 

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erica @ to the sea
Aww I had a little terrier just like that when I was a kid. Cute!
Mary said…
Oh my goodness! Those are some of the cutest pictures! Cute baby and cute dogs. Love it!
Julie Rogers
Julie Rogers said…
These are SOOO cute---love all of the pictures! I hope you can head over to baby week on our blog, The Chirping Moms, where we have lots of great posts and giveaways every day this week!

Steph @ The Kat Almanac
Awww! Hen looks so sweet with the pups!
Amber said…
Oh man. That picture of Henry pushing the dog in his stroller is priceless.
Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky
OMG them lying together is so cute!
Katie said…
Eek, so much cuteness in one post!
Samantha said…
I love the photo of the dog in the stroller! Animals will put up with so much from kids, hey?
Laura Funk
Laura Funk said…
OMG! Your dogs and kid are SOOOOOO CUTE!
Mrs. Swaddle
Mrs. Swaddle said…
Cute pictures! Love the smiling pictures, adorable.
Unknown said…
those babies are the cutest!
just found your blog from the hop and excited to be your newest follower!
ps. stop by and say hi @