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July 23, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday: My Job

This post is way overdue. I've alluded to the fact that I'm working from home a few times, but I've never gone into detail.

{Quick back story -- I went to Loyola University of Chicago and got a B.A. in history, then I immediately went to William Mitchell College of Law in 2007. In 2010, I took and passed the bar exam making me a licensed attorney -- 3 weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I do not want to be a lawyer, but that's another story.}

Ok, back to my job. Basically, I'm a part-time independent contractor working for a consulting company. And honestly, I love it.

It's the perfect job for me right now. It's legal-related work, but it's 100 percent flexible and I work completely from home. My job consists of researching, writing, and editing bloggy {that's a word, right?} type articles. I work somewhere between 15-20 hours a week. 

My job has some serious perks. I have no set schedule -- just deadlines. I can work anywhere, anytime. I never have to deal with people, and I've never even met my boss. I have no dress code, no annoying co-workers, no commute. Seriously, I still wonder how I've gotten so lucky. 

But {you had to know a "but" was coming} its not all great. Being a work-at-home mom, with no help, is hard. If Henry is napping, I'm working. When Henry goes down for the night, I'm working. Saturday night, I'm working. Sometimes, I honestly feel like a walking zombie. My free time is extremely limited. The only day that I don't have to work is Friday -- but otherwise, for the most part, this is a 6 day a week job, weekdays for writing, weekends for editing.

Most days, I start my day with Hen at 6 am and end my work day at 10 pm. It's physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. But, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm obviously sacrificing my free-time in order to do what I really really want, which is to stay home with Hen...if only I could win the lottery. 

{And yes, that's a coke can tower. No, it hasn't been there awhile. I'm just that gross.}

What do you do? What's your dream job? Link up and share!

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Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky
Wow, Momma, and you still have time to blog? Amazing!
Adrianne Surian
Adrianne Surian said…
Hahahaha, I love it. My dream job is still to be a rockstar... yeah, I'm never growing up, LOL. Thanks for the sweet comment you left me at Happy Hour Projects. Following you now!

Happy Hour Projects
I love your desk! It looks like so much fun! I can't imagine trying to work with deadlines at home with a toddler!
erica @ to the sea
Wow! I should look into that! I was thinking about looking for post-law degree options that I can do from home.
Randalin @ Harvesting Kale
When I first went home after my mat leave, I worked a couple days a week from home to ease the transition. We had a nanny at the time so I didn't have to schedule around my son's care (which I think would have been totally impossible). Nevertheless, I found it SO HARD! I think it takes a really focused person to work from home (especially with a baby nearby), so kudo's to you!
Sara said…
I'm thinking I may end up having a similar schedule as this in the spring after our baby comes. I'm only "officially" taking off the time between fall and spring semesters. I'll be teaching in the spring but probably online so I'll do the majority of my work from home. It's good (and also a little scary) to read an honest account of someone who is balancing working and taking care of a little one also!