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July 23, 2012

A Grey Week at Tot School

{Henry is 16 months old}

This week's tot school color was gray, and the week was as dull as the color. Henry was sick Monday with a stomach bug so we skipped tot school, then Wednesday Henry just flat out refused to do tot school and said "all done" before we had done anything, and finally Friday we left on a small out-of-town trip. Oh, well. I guess some weeks are just like that. 
The activity wall was pretty much the same this week. I left the alphabet magnets up, and the weather wall was the same. I made a gray elephant to add to the felt board. I was surprised it was the first thing Henry noticed about his new classroom when we started. He walked up to it, pointed, and made an elephant sound -- so cute. 

The tot trays were a mix of old and new this week. We had a colored sensory bin filled with the most random stuff. I found a little gray hand broom and dust pan that he really loved. Also a gray spray bottle. And a few random silver objects. 

The second tray was the family color sorting tree. We had used this way back in blue week and Henry loved it. This week was no different. This time, he was actually much better about attempting to put the pieces on the tree. He could also name each family member. 

The final tray was a stringing activity. I cut up some of a pool noodle into small chunks. Then gave him a shoe lace and a sliver (grey) pipe cleaner. He could string the noodles onto either. Hen liked doing it with the pipe cleaner, but totally ignored the shoe lace. It was a great fine motor skill activity. 

The book bin was the greatest flop this week. Henry ignored the books for the most part. A couple of times he would sit and read one by himself but would get so angry if I tried to read it. I'm not sure what that was about...just asserting independence? Hated the book? I don't know. He had no obvious favorite. 

I thought about repeating gray week since it was such a wash, but since its really just a secondary color, we're going to do it once more today then move on to the color tan. 

If you enjoyed this week -- check out all our color units here! 

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Heather said…
Sorry to hear the little man was sick and the week didn't go that well, but still some good ideas you had. I was telling my neighbors about your blog and will be passing the URL on to them! They will love this :)
Anonymous said…
I love all of the activities you set out. I have a dust pan that is meant to stay in the laundry but I'm always finding it in Pete's desk :)