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Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was amazing! 

We followed our normal routine. Christmas Eve with the Kavanaugh's...

Christmas Day with the Menacher's...

It was a wonderful weekend of family, food, presents, and one very happy little baby!

9 month photos!

As many of you know my brother Max is a professional photographer. Well he was in town from New York over Christmas and was nice enough to take Hen's 9 month photos. They also doubled as his first Christmas pictures.

I think they are amazing. Let the photo dump begin...

Thanks again Max for taking them!

It *was* Beginning to Look like Christmas!

Yes, I forgot about this post and left it in my "drafts" section instead of publishing it. Oh well. Better late than never.
Its starting to look like Christmas around here! Yay! I love this time of year. This past weekend, Morgan went to our favorite Christmas tree lot and bought a little tree. We spent the day decorating the tree, and our basement. 

Every year while we decorate the tree, Morgan and I share a real sugar Coke. Even with my ban on caffeine I enjoyed a few glorious sips. I will neither confirm or deny whether Hen also enjoyed some...

We decided to put the tree in the basement family room this year so that I wouldn't have to continuously keep Henry away from it during the day. That turned out to be a very smart decision. He's totally obsessed with it.

Hen's face just lights up when he sees the tree, and its making me even more excited for Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Hope you had a wonderful, joyous holiday.

9 Months Old!

9 months! 9 months! How did this happen? Wasn't Henry born, like, yesterday? Henry was born at 39 weeks 5 days gestation, which means as of this Thursday he will have officially been "out" longer than he was "cooking." Crazy! It felt like I was pregnant forever, but his short life has flown by in a flash.

Henry finally went back to the doctor this month! Which means updated stats! Henry now weighs 19 lbs and is 27.5 inches long. These are both only in the upper 20th percentiles for his age, so he's not that big of a baby. This isn't very surprising to us, since he hasn't really outgrown his clothes/diaper size lately. The doctor isn't concerned about his growth. She said babies height normally comes in spurts...remember when he was in the 80th percentile at 4 months? So he spurted early, and hasn't since. As for weight, she said because he is so active that he burns it off.

Speaking of active, Hen is on the move. Last month, I said I though…