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20 weeks, and Baby K is...

a BOY!!!! Baby Henry Morgan Kavanaugh is expected sometime around March 20, 2011!

The ultrasound was one of the best moments of my life! It was seriously amazing. Morgan and my Mom both came with to the ultrasound, and we got to see every little part of baby Henry. The ultrasound tech started at his head and worked his way down, which made for a tense 20 min until the gender was revealed. But it was still pretty awesome.

First, we got to see all four sections of his brain. Then his face and lips (they were checking to make sure he doesn't have a cleft lip). Then we took a look at his heart. It was crazy how much detail we were able to see. We saw it beating at the 9 week ultrasound, but this time we were able to see all four chambers as the blood was pumping through. Then we checked the umbilical cord connection, and the placenta. Then the tech checked his spine and back. Then we checked his legs and little feet - and I'm happy to report that he had 10 toes! Finally, it came t…

Happy Halloween!


Wondering why two successful law students are having such a hard time finding a job? This article does a great job summing it up:

Lets hope we're one of the lucky ones.

Boy or Girl?

Morgan and I are only ONE WEEK away from our next big ultrasound!! I'm so excited I could jump out of my skin. Seriously! Not only do we get to see our little baby again, we should  (assuming this baby isn't covering the goods) find out if its a baby boy or a baby girl!! We will be sharing with everyone so look for another update next week.

Right now I'm guessing that the baby is a boy. I have called the baby a "he" since I found out I was pregnant and just have a gut feeling about it. Morgan, on the other hand, thinks its a girl; again its just a gut feeling. We both have absolutely no real or scientific reason for our views, but its fun to be on opposite sides and see who is right.

You should vote for what you think the baby is on the new poll and we'll all find out very soon!

Baby Kicks!

Baby K is moving like crazy! I'm feeling real baby kicks, and it’s totally amazing.

I started feeling the occasional sort-of poking feeling at around week 16 but it was mostly just fluttering. But over the last two weeks they have gotten stronger and stronger. A couple days ago, I actually saw my stomach moving with the kick (which was one of the weirdest things I have ever experienced). It’s super hard to describe what it feels like, since I've honestly never felt anything like this before. It’s just a little kick here and there. And the baby moves all over the place - from one side of my stomach to the other, from super high to super low. The kid really gets around in there, and quick! I think that’s what has been the craziest thing; how quickly it moves all over the place.

Morgan was able to feel the kicks from the outside a couple Sunday's ago which was really great. Now it’s a game to try to get him to run from the room he is in to the room where I'm at so he ca…

Free-time Overload

Oh man, six months ago I don't think I could imagine writing this post, and I'm sure that in six months when I have a newborn I might regret this post. But here it is - I'm having an overload of free-time. Seriously! I don't know what to do with myself. I'm working part-time right now, so that takes up around 20 hours a week. The other 148 hours in the week are my own. Its CRAZY! I've never had this much time to myself ever. And the problem is that I don't know how to fill all that time.

The TV worked for awhile. But now, with the exception of a few shows, I really dread sitting a watching TV. I think, I also have TV overload from my first trimester when watching TV was pretty much the only thing I could physically manage to do. And of course I would love to hang out with my friends, but pretty much every single one of them is still in school, and therefore really busy. So that leaves me with my old fall-back activity the Sims. Ugh. No good. The only comput…

The Results

The bar exam results were posted last Thursday, and Morgan and I are happy to say that we both passed! The results were posted at 8:30 am online. Morgan woke me up and we checked together. It was horribly stressful to sit there and look for our numbers, but there they were. Its a HUGE relief to have passed. I can't even describe what it felt like. We never have to study again!!!

We technically aren't lawyers yet, but we will be after we are sworn in at the end of the month. Its been a long hard journey, and I'm happy to say we are almost at the end!

16 Weeks

Ok, so this is a couple of days past my actual 16 week, or 4 months, mark (which was last Sunday) but its the best I can do since I've been so sick. I'm going to try to post some belly-pics plus an update at the beginning of each month from here till the baby comes in March.

At 16 weeks, I'm feeling really pretty good, at least I was before this cold hit. My morning sickness is gone, and I've had more energy. The best part of the last few weeks is that I've been feeling the baby move. Its been mainly little flutters, like the kind you get when your eye twitches. But lately I've had a few stronger "pokes" too. Its been really fun, and reassures me that the baby is still in there!

Last week, my Mom and I went to a baby consignment sale and got a bunch of stuff for the baby for super cheap. It was a little earlier than I would have liked to but the sale is only offered twice a year, and the next one is in April, so it was now or wait till after the baby …


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I've been sick.

Last Thursday, I started to feel really crummy. I had a sore throat and could feel a cold coming on. By Friday I knew I had a cold, but made it through a day of work. All weekend I took it slow, but just had a slight cold.

Then Monday hit...ugh. By Monday I had so much sinus pain and pressure I thought my head was going to explode. I couldn't breath out of my nose, and had a hard time doing anything. I ended up staying in bed ALL day. I called my doctor's office who informed me that they don't recommend taking any medication for sinus problems while pregnant. The nurse literally told me to "tough it out."

But by Monday night I was running a fever of 100.3 and was forced to take some Tylenol.  I called the doctor back on Tuesday morning after I still had a fever of 100.1, and had to go in. The doctor diagnosed me with a sinus infection and put me on some antibiotics. The antibiotics have helped with my s…

4 days...

If I have one more bar exam dream I'm just going to throw up. I spend more of my sleeping time dreaming about failing/passing/taking/re-taking the bar exam than I thought was humanly possible. I'm losing serious amounts of valuable sleep. Everyone has told me to "get my sleep now, cause you wont get it when the baby comes," well I'm really really trying to do that. But the stupid bar exam has me up worrying at least once a night. Ugh. Thankfully this worry is about to come to an end! On Thursday this week, the bar exam results will FINALLY be posted. At this point, I'm not sure that I really care or not if I passed, I just NEED to know for sure.