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Consignment Haul 2013

Some of you may have noticed that it was a little slow around here last week. Well, this spring I volunteered to be on a committee that organizes this giant consignment sale as a fundraiser for the ECFE {Early Childhood Family Education} school program that Henry is a part of. Our sale was held this past weekend which left me with a lot of work and very little time.
In fact, between set up, the sale, and clean up, I was away from home from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Friday and from 5:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m on Saturday. While the hours were pretty long, the reward was great -- look what I was able to pick up!!

This is everything except a booster seat and a tiny cozy coupe toy which Henry refused to put down even for a picture.

The clothes included 9 sleepers, 7 short sleeved shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 4 long sleeved shirts, rubber boats, and a wool sweater vest.

The toys were pretty varied and included flashcards, a wooden hammering toy, wooden rattle, an Elmo Farm, magnets, a doctor'…

Springtime at Tot School

Despite the fact that we started this past week with several inches of snow, we took a break from letters and celebrated springtime at tot school this week. Thankfully, by the end of the week it was beautiful and made Hen realize that the weather isn't just snowy and cold all the time. 
Our first tray this week was a color matching flower pot I made. {See how to make them here} First, it had a laminated sheet with each color printed, a corresponding felt flower, and a Popsicle stick with a corresponding colored button hot-glued on. Then there was a small flower pot filled with rainbow rice. Henry could then match the colored flowers in a variety of ways.

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This was Henry's favorite for the week, but he got irrationally upset if the felt flowers were  placed on the Popsicle sticks...toddlers. He mostly just placed the sticks into the rice and matched the sticks and flowers to the colors on the sheet. 

The second tray was focus…


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Our first RE appointment is tomorrow. I'm so excited -- 6 weeks without having a plan has been killing me. But I'm also super nervous. I just don't know what I want out of this appointment. 
Part of me is so scared, although this is unlikely, that the RE is going to say "you're hopeless, time to move on, be happy with the kid you have." Ok, so maybe that is really really unlikely. But, I am really afraid of a low percentage of success and knowing that we may walk away with more bad news. 

On the other hand, I'm super afraid that he's going to say "easy, peazy, you're going to be pregnant is no time." Because, then I have to be pregnant again. And, I think its safe to say that the anxiety I have about getting another positive pregnancy test is pretty daunting at the moment. 
I know, I'm coming off a little crazy here. Fear of not being able to get pregnant, fear of pregnancy. Perfect. So...that's where I'm at. 
I'm coping…

Tot School: Letter J

Henry is 25 months old. 
This was one of those week's at tot school that makes all the hard work worth it! Henry had a total blast. He asked to do our tot school activities almost every single day. There was no fighting me or complaining. The only we had tears was when we had to clean up! It was truly wonderful. 
Prior to this week, Henry could identify a J and a j. He can also say "J." 

On our first tray this week was a printable that said "J is for jelly fish." Find it here. I paired the sheet {which I laminated} with exactly enough jelly-like water beads, for Henry to fill in the circles. I also put a spoon and tongs out in case he wanted more of a challenge. 

Henry really liked this. The water beads were a little more challenging since they rolled around pretty easily, but Hen didn't seem to mind. He tried a few times to pick them up with the utensils, but pretty much just stuck to using his hands. Either way, it was fun, promoted a little sensory play …