Montessori Freebies

When I started my journey as a Montessori parent, I didn't have a ton of support. There just weren't th resources available that we have today. So, I wanted to make sure that others moving forward had the support they need to experience the beauty of Montessori parenting. As a mom to five,  I know that we are on this journey together. I hope that you find the resources here and on this site to support your journey. 

Real life, Montessori Joy: Empowering Parents to Support their Children from Birth

Montessori Freebies from The Kavanaugh Report

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Free Fruit and Vegetable Montessori Language Cards

Fun and realistic matching cards for toddlers.

12 Practical Montessori Activities for Toddlers

Super easy ideas for every family and toddler. 

Potty Learning Essentials

Create your routine around learning to use the toilet to get you started on your potty learning journey. 

Montessori Play Ideas 

50+ play ideas created by some of your favorite Montessori content creators.

10 Things to Know About Montessori

Simple Montessori truths to know and understand as Montessori parents.