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Montessori Baby Week 13 -- The Dancers Mobile

It's hard to believe but sweet baby Gus is officially 3-months-old! Time has flown by even more quickly with him than the other two. Augustus really is just the most chill, sweet little chunk of baby ever. In addition to his torticollis diagnosis, Gus was recently evaluated for some issues with his eyes. At this point, he has a difficult time making eye contact and does not follow moving objects when they are close to his face. He does seem to connect with objects further from his body, but still not quite what you would expect from a 3-month-old. 

While we are waiting on medical appointments, I'm making sure we are doing everything we can to help him start to track objects more efficiently. My first thought when it became clear that tracking was an issue was to introduce The Dancers Mobile. What better way to give Gus something interesting to study than this mobile?

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The dancers mobile is just another step in the Montessori visual mobiles series, and is the last mobile I used with Nora. The mobile itself introduces human figures "dancing" in the air. The figures themselves are made from holographic paper making them shine and sparkle in the light. They are hung to float and flutter at the slightest breeze, making the mobile extremely beautiful.

The  four dancing figures make the prefect objects to track as they move slowly up and down and around. This mobile could be introduced as soon as interest in the Gobbi mobile starts to wain between 10 and 14 weeks. The most important thing is to follow your child's own interests and path.

The fourth Montessori baby mobile in the visual series, the Montessori dancers mobile helps to increase visual tracking and concentration in babies.

As for Gus, the dancers immediately grabbed his attention. I'm not sure he loved it as much as he loved/s the Octahedron and the Bell, but he's definitely intrigued. This was one of Nora's absolute favorite mobiles, so maybe it will grow on him, or maybe not. Hopefully, it will at least help him coordinate his eye movement a bit as we wait for our doctor appointment.

Interested in making a Dancers Mobile? Check here for a tutorial.
Looking to purchase one? Look here or here!

The fourth Montessori baby mobile in the visual series, the Montessori dancers mobile helps to increase visual tracking and concentration in babies.

Have you used a dancers mobile? Did your baby like it? 


Your dancer mobile is beautiful and Gus is SUCH a cutie :)
Natalia said…
It's so great to follow your Gus-posts as my daughter is exactly the same week!

As a first-time mum I wonder how do you handle tummy time? It seems to be such a struggle for my baby girl and seems so much NOT "follow-the-child" activity.

Apart from the dancers mobile and a bell, my little one is crazy about two wooden rings (hung like gym rings). Those rings really helped her activate her right hand, as she was only playing with her left hand at the beginning. BTW. How often would you rotate mobiles / baby gym activities? Sometimes I hang something and she's not interested and I wonder if I should give her a couple of days to play or rotate right away?
Celeste said…
Have you tried tummy time with your daughter on your chest instead of on the floor? My three-month-old fusses pretty quickly when I put him on the floor, but he loves playing on Mommy! I just lie down on the couch with him.

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