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5 Months Old!

5 months old! Yay! I have no weight/height stats since he doesn't have a doctor appointment this month. But no doctor appointment means no shots, so I'm happy! He is getting big though, and is rapidly outgrowing his 3-6 month clothes and moving into 6-9, and is still in a size 2 diaper.

This month can be summed up in two words: Sleep Deprivation. Henry's sleep this month has been horrible. He's been sleeping in 1-3 hour spurts, which is significantly less than he slept at even one month old. Blah. I'm pretty much a walking zombie at this point, but I guess it comes with the new-parent territory. A lot of the sleep problems have been attributed to Henry's acid reflux. This month alone he has had his medication dose/type of medication changed 4 times. Over the last 3 days, Henry has been on a new type of medication which I hope will help him. But this medication takes several days to become fully effective, so only time will tell.

It has been a busy month around…

Yummy Grass?

(Yep - Henry's sitting by himself now)

Elliot's Baptism

Last weekend precious baby Elliot (our nephew) was baptized in Eau Claire. So Morgan, Henry, and I made the trip down for the day.

It was a beautiful day, and a wonderful celebration. Congrats Angie, Adam, and especially Elliot!

Summertime Fun: Zoo!

Last weekend we took Henry to the zoo for the first time. We went to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory which was great.

Henry really liked the Conservatory. I knew he would since he loves being outside and loves warm weather. He particularly liked the water features. If Hen could have it his way, we would have spent a lot more time there. He was pretty mad though, that, I wouldn't let him destroy touch all the flowers.

Next we went out to the zoo. Henry wasn't actually that impressed with the animals. He did love all the children and the tall grass around the outdoor exhibits. But after about 10 min he promptly fell asleep. It was a really great trip and made Morgan and I excited to go back when Henry actually has an interest in the animals.

Summertime Fun: Pool!

I love the summer!!! That's LOVE! I really think I should move south so I can enjoy warm weather more. Since we only get 3 months of nice warm weather,  Morgan and I have been taking full advantage of the summertime fun with Henry.

Its been so hot, so we took Henry to Highland Park Pool in St. Paul. Its a brand new facility, and is really really nice. They have a great little kids area, with only a couple of inches of water with little spouts where water bubbles up. Henry absolutely loved it. Hen loves baths and loves being outside, so the pool combined both of those and he was in heaven! The only downside was that it was so hot that we couldn't stay long, and they charged us for Henry! So it was a quick and expensive trip.


Tomorrow marks the end of World Breastfeeding Week. And I've wanted to write this post to honor it all week but Henry has been crabby, clingy, and an all around hot mess so it been pushed off, but here goes...

I'm very proud to say that Henry has been exclusively breastfed for the past 20 weeks (with the exception of medication, and a couple of tablespoons of avocado). It's just amazing to me to think that I am literally able to keep another human being alive. And not so he's just living, but thriving and growing and learning. I'm in complete amazement of my body.

Breastfeeding has been truly a wonderful experience. I am very lucky in that we have had very few breastfeeding issues, and Henry has nursed great from the day he was born. His nickname is actually Snarfels, because the snarfs down his food so quickly and happily.

Its actually very hard for me to put into words how I feel about it, since no other  life experience is like it. I feel like breast…

Adventures in Avocado

Henry had his first taste of solid food a couple days ago.

I originally wanted to wait until a little closer to 6 months to give him food, but after he threw a nuclear meltdown when I refused to give him the pancakes I was eating we decided it was time. 

For a variety of reasons, we decided to skip rice cereal and started with avocado. So after dinner one night, we stripped him down and gave him some. The reaction was a mixture of shock, disgust, and love. Solids will just be an occasional treat for the next month or so, but I'm excited to move into this stage.

We have a Pepper!

Yes, it makes Henry's hand look huge. But its a pepper, which is way more than I expected from our plants!