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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone has a wonderful time tonight. I can't wait to take Henry out trick-or-treating, should be interesting. And, hey, I bet everyone can guess the big perk of having a kid that is allergic to chocolate. 

More on Halloween soon, but today I wanted you guys to check out my guest post over on The Halbert Homestead! I know a few of you asked about my fall sensory bin from our rectangles and fall tot school week -- well here are all the details! Sensory bins are really excellent activities  and I know they are a total lifesaver during these cold fall days! Seriously, go check it out! 

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TAT: Wish List

It's that time of year already! Making lists. Shopping wrapping. Joy. I have some ideas for what we would like to get Henry for Christmas, but I definitely need to get going on the planning! Here are a few things on Hen's list for this year: 

1. Balance Bike
2. Melissa and Doug Shape Sequence
3. Little Tykes Basketball Hoop
4. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Latches Board
5. Counting Bears
6. Montessori Color Resemblance 
7. Play-doh and accessories
8. Geometric Sorting Board

I'm sure there are other things we will consider. But for now, I'm going for quiet and educational! What are you getting your toddler for Christmas? Better yet, what should I ask for for Christmas? Link up and share your wish lists!

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Pumpkin "Patch"

After last year, I had big plans to go back to the wonderful pumpkin patch and farm again this year. Well, life had other plans.

Ever wonder how you make time to get a pumpkin when your baby has been sick and you're moving? Here's how:

I hope we do better next year.

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18 Month Photoshoot

My awesome photographer brother took Henry's 18 month pictures a couple weeks ago in my parent's backyard. I absolutely love them. Here are a few of my favorites.

Thanks again to my awesome brother. If you want to see more of his work, check out his Facebook Page -- although I'm warning you, he's a fashion photographer so there's a lot {barely clothed} women. 
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Toddle Along Tuesday: Obsession

Toddlers are pretty much known for their obsessive personalities. They attach to something and just cannot let it go.
Well, most of Henry's obsessions seem to come and go. One week, he can't let a robot onesie out of his sight. Seriously, he carried it everywhere. The next week, its something completely different and the onesie is no where to be found.
But through it all, Henry cannot let one thing go -- the color yellow. All day I hear:

Henry: "MAMA!! Maaaaamaaa!"
Me: "Yes, Lovie?"
Henry: "el-LOW!" :points at one tiny speck of yellow somewhere in the world:
Me: "Yep, that's yellow!"
All day, every day it's yellow everything. Hen better get the yellow pool noodle at swimming, he needs the yellow cup at home, yellow chair at the library, yellow ball, yellow food, yellow corn toy, yellow banana, yellow shirt, yellow crayon, yellow, yellow, YELLOW!

Any ideas what color we should paint his new room?
Does your toddler have an obsessi…

Halloween Ovals Tot School

This week our shape for tot school was oval and our theme was Halloween. However, we had some big road blocks to tot school this week. Henry has been {and still is} sick with some sort of stomach/coughing bug. Also, our printer broke which we decided not to replace before we move next week, so that limited some of our projects.  Our activity wall was pretty much stayed the same. I had a few oval and Halloween magnets but Henry wasn't really into them. The felt board was full of different sized ovals, but Hen was much more interested in the big orange rectangle from last week.  The tot trays were alright this week. I don't know if Hen didn't like the activities or if he just wasn't feeling up to tot school, but nothing was super exciting to him. The first tray was a big shape puzzle. Henry had never seen it before, and I was super surprised how quickly he got all of the shapes correctly. He didn't even need my help putting the pieces in!

The second tray was a candy-cor…

Big Exciting News

I have some big news! Morgan and I bought a house! Like a real big, beautiful grownup house.

And, here's the real kicker. We close in ONE week. We move in 8 days. ::Insert Nicole panicking:: We wanted to wait until it was super official to tell anyone. Today it became super official. 
So, in addition to the sick toddler {and now sick Morgan} we have to pack, clean, move, clean, unpack and start our new lives in our new {probably} forever home. 
I can't wait and couldn't be happier!

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Mystery Virus of Doom

Last Wednesday night, I was dead asleep when I heard it. That familiar gag, splat, scream routine. I knew pretty much right away that Henry had thrown up. The throwing up continued for a couple hours. I assumed it was reflux related and he would be better by the morning. Ha. Wrong.
The next day, well I'll say we he had some lower gastrointestinal issues, followed by more throwing up. The same issues continued Friday. But by Saturday we were starting to think we were in the clear. Over the weekend, Hen stayed pretty much the same. A little tired, and a little reluctant to eat -- but pretty normal. 

However, by Monday night, Hen started coughing. Not a ton, but just enough for us to realize that he was still not feeling great. I figured he was now getting a cold in addition to the stomach bug he was getting over. Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Henry was just grumpy and tired, stuffy and coughing. 
Then, after a nice long nap Wednesday the stomach issues started up again. He spent s…

Toddle Along Tuesday: My Wedding

The topic this week is wedding. 4 years ago, my wedding day was one of the most beautiful days all summer. One of those warm, but not to hot, not a cloud in the sky late August days. Just beautiful.
{I apologize for the grainy look to all these pictures, we are in the mist of a huge reorganization project and I can't find the original disk right now -- I promise they don't look this way in real life.}

We were married in a local Catholic church in front of all our family and friends. Our reception was at the Science Museum of Minnesota which over looks the Mississippi River and downtown St. Paul. It was the perfect venue. Guests could go through the museum, then come back for food, dancing, and fun.

It really was one of the best days of my life. If we could do it all over again, I would not change one single detail.

What was your wedding like? Share some pics and link up!

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