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11 Montessori Friendly Baby Mobiles

I don't think it's any secret that I am obsessed with Montessori baby mobiles. The visual series is so perfectly crafted to infant development that it is hard not to be in love with them. Then, the tactile series continues this progression right as an infant is starting to voluntarily move and explore objects. But, the traditional Montessori mobiles are obviously not the only baby mobiles available that can work in a Montessori environment. For various reasons, people may want to explore other commercially available options. Here are 11 Montessori Friendly Baby Mobiles that can be used in addition to the visual series!   

Montessori baby mobiles are perfect for infant development. Here are 11 Montessori friendly mobiles that can be used in addition to the traditional visual series.

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1. Rainbow Dancers -- this could be an option instead of the traditional dancers mobile
2. Butterfly Mobile -- this one is so popular that maybe it should just be called a traditional Montessori mobile, it is used with a lot of Montessori babies
3. Ladybug Mobile
4. Charlie Harper Birds Mobile
5. White Paper Birds Mobile
6. Songbirds Mobile
7. Rainbow Rhythm Mobile -- another very popular choice in Montessori environments 
8. Crane Mobile
9. Airplane Mobile
10. Whale Mobile -- this one can be found in many Montessori environments
11. Hot Air Balloons

These are Montessori friendly for a few reasons. First, they are mostly things that can be found moving fluidly through the air or sea. This adds to the realism and concrete nature that attracts children from a young age. In addition to also being beautiful, these mobiles are all simplistic and realistic in design. They are not mechanical and do not move artificially. Finally, they don't include music, lights or other distractions that can take away from a baby's work. 

Montessori baby mobiles are perfect for infant development. Here are 11 Montessori friendly mobiles that can be used in addition to the traditional visual series.

To be clear, it is completely a personal choice to use commercially available, non-traditional mobiles. I'm definitely not suggesting that people run out and buy a bunch of them! But, if there is interest {or if a Grandma or other well meaning loved one is insisting}, there are lots of beautiful options available! 

Have you used a commercially available mobile in addition to, or instead of, traditional ones? 


I'm a little obsessed with Charlie Harper, love that!

In your experience, about how old are babies when they stop enjoying mobiles? My little guy is five months and I'm wondering if it's worth it to make or buy him another one. Thanks!
By the time they can sit up on their own, I think all interest in the mobiles is gone. So between 5-7 months.
Okay great thanks!! He is really close to siting on his own, so I'll hold off on any new ones. Thanks for your help!
Anonymous said…
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