Articles from April 2010

April 27, 2010

Looking Back

Ever since I could remember I had wanted to go to the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. I loved all things Minnesota Golden Gophers, and just knew someday I wanted to attend college there. So of course I sent in an application my senior year of high school. I also applied to St. John's University in Collegeville, and the University of Minnesota - Duluth, but that was it. I knew I didn't want to stay in Eau Claire, and I knew UW-Madison was not for me. A little while after I sent in my application, the U of M - Twin Cities sent me a letter saying my application was under review, but that they could not accept me at that time. I was OK with that. But then, I went on to receive three - THREE- letters from them telling me, basically the following: "Applications are at an all-time high"; "It is unlikely you will get accepted"; "make alternate plans"; "We're not rejecting you, but basically, good luck trying to get in here." So, while
April 25, 2010

The End is Near

I haven't really decided how I feel about finishing up all my schooling. For all time. The past seven years has really flown by, but I've really felt blessed by all the experiences I've had while at the U of M and at William Mitchell. Not a day went by at the  U of M where I didn't love being on campus. Sure, school was hard and sometimes even annoying. Yet the experience has been great. I never really thought law school would be as hard as it turned out to be. But I have no regrets about choosing to go to law school. Law school is a grind, but I have to say that I've loved it. I have realized, in life, that if I'm not being challenged I get bored. And I hate being bored. Law school is a huge challenge and I had to really work hard to be successful. I am sure I will have more to say about school, but for now I'm looking forward to being done on May 3rd. My last day of class, forever, is tomorrow. Sad? I guess I'm not sure yet.
April 24, 2010

Finals 2010

Finals are officially here (although I do have one more class, I have to take a quiz in it so I'm rolling that into my finals studying). This semester, I only have one in-class final (for Secured Transactions), although its 4 hours long and going to need a ton of preparation. Then I have two take home finals, one for Business Entity Taxation, and one for Alternative Dispute Resolution. I have two weeks to finish both of those exams, which have to be between 10-15 pages long a piece. After I have finished those, I have to complete a paper for American Legal History. I have 25 pages written for the paper already (which is the minimum requirement) but still have a couple sections to write and some major editing to do. Hopefully this wont take me more than 2-3 days to finish. Finally, I have to finish up some hours for my internship. Although this sounds like a ton of work (at least to me), I know it could be worse, so I'm not going to complain. Plus its the last time I'll
April 16, 2010

Springtime in the Dog Run

Springtime in the Dog Run
Lexi with the flowers in the dog run. Playing Ball. Nettie checking out the flowers. I love those freckles! Nettie doing what she does best - barking. Morgan came home - and the dogs went wild!
April 13, 2010

Last Days of Class

I have 9 days of class left. 9 days . I've been working toward this moment the last seven years, and finally its almost here. Two words come to mind: TERRIFIC: Fantastic, amazing, wonderful, awesome...I could go on and on about how great it feels to finally be done with my education. I can finally become a productive member of society. I can work, earn money, buy things. I can sleep-in on the weekends. I can read for FUN. I can have guilt-free time with my family and friends. I can have me-time. I can play Sims for hours at a time. I can have hobbies. I can stop racking up huge amounts of debt. I can (hopefully) stop having stress dreams about exams, homework, and odd combinations of the two. To me, the end of school basically opens up a whole new level of freedom for myself that I haven't felt since the beginning of college. I have the freedom to stop competing with myself (and others) for the next best grade and just be happy about where I'm at. TERRIFYING :Frighten
April 09, 2010

Peeps Season

Peeps Season
Peep Season has official begun! I define Peeps season from Easter until I've eaten all the Peeps I've purchased. So we are smack in the middle of Peeps season now, and I'm loving it! I know that some people really don't like peeps, but I do!  I LOVE them. According to the Peeps Official website:  enough Peeps are sold each year to cover the Earth twice. So, I can't be only one that likes them. But I really only like the Easter ones, not the fake ones that they make for all the other random holidays (although I'll still eat the other ones cause I love all sugar). There is just something about little sugar covered marshmallow birds and bunnies that I crave. However, I don't like them right our of the package. I like them when they are what I call "ripe." Ripe basically equals stale. As soon as I get peeps I open the package, so they can ripen. Once they are good and hard (but not too hard - its a fine balanc
April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter Everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Morgan and I went to Eau Claire and spent Easter with my family. We had a great time and wished we could have stayed longer, but I had to work today. On Saturday, Morgan went to the shooting range with my Dad and brother Alex. They shot Morgan's handgun and some of my Dad's other guns. While they were shooting, my Mom, sister Ashley, and I went to the mall to go shopping and get pedicures. On Sunday, we just chilled (I even got to nap), and ate some great food! It was kinda crazy at the house, since there were 5! dogs there - my parents dogs (Minnie and Bentley), our dogs, and my Grandma's dog (Pepper). Thankfully, they all got along fairly well. There was no blood - which in my book is a successful weekend with a pack of little dogs. Nettie was kinda crazy about my Parent's cat, but that's nothing new. Now that Easter is over, I think Spring has officially started. I hope the warm weather stays (its ev