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7 days, 5 states, 1,429 miles

We are finally back from our week-long road trip across the Midwest. It was a long journey, and not particularly relaxing, but we had a great time! For those of you who don't know, we went on a 1,429 mile road trip over Thanksgiving. We went to see Morgan's brother graduate from boot-camp in Missouri, and then to Chicago for my family's Thanksgiving. It was pretty interesting with a pregnant woman and two dogs! Here is a recap of our trip:

Minnesota to Ottumwa, Iowa: Our trip to Ottumwa, Iowa was a long trip, about 6 hours. We ended up leaving later in the day on Sunday then we wanted to, since it was super icy here and we needed to wait for the roads to clear. The ride ended up being alright, the roads were just wet but it was super foggy. We made it to our hotel by 8:30 that night, and introduced the dogs to the hotel.

Ottumwa, Iowa to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri: We left early the next morning (Monday) for Missouri to try to beat the big storms that were moving through t…

24 Weeks!

Another month done, I've made it to 24 weeks, or 6 months! Some days it feels like pregnancy is going by super fast, and others I feel like it is taking forever. This past month has been pretty uneventful for me. I've been getting bigger everyday but that's pretty much it. A few things are starting to get harder, like sitting for long periods of time, tying my shoes and zipping up my winter coat, but other than that I feel great. My bellybutton is dangerously close to popping out, which I wasn't expecting this early. Morgan thinks its super funny looking and most days I agree.

As far as we know, Henry is still doing really well. My doctor decided to keep my due date where it was, so he is still due March 20, but is just measuring a little big. At our last appointment he had a great heartbeat. He is as active as ever, and has started to develop a fairly predictable sleeping/waking pattern. One thing he doesn't like is to perform for people. Even when is is awake and…

Nursery Beginnings

So I'm starting to pull together the theme and the main pieces for the nursery. Slowly its all coming together. I haven't actually set anything up yet since the room needs a fresh coat of paint, and we are still missing a few of the main elements (like a changing table or dresser). However, it has been really fun picking out all the different stuff and I thought I would share our progress.

Unhappy Dog Update

Lexi has now taken to pooping in the house instead of going outside. The snow and cold (if only she knew what was coming) has gotten to be too much for her.

Ugh. Its going to be a long winter. Looks like unhappy dog = unhappy people.

Unhappy Dog

Lexi does not like to be cold, or wet. She was not pleased this morning.

She's going to have a long hard winter. Nettie, obviously loved the fresh snow and couldn't be happier to be outside.

What's for Dinner?

This was a common question around the Kavanaugh family for a long time. We would sit around until we are both starving then look at each other and ask "what's for dinner?" Morgan and I would each stare blankly at the other, dig through the freezer/fridge, give up, and order something for dinner or go out. The same was true when we were shopping. We would go through the store, wandering aimlessly, and buy $200 worth of useless ingredients that never seemed to add up to a good meal.

If we did get our acts together enough to cook something it was usually frozen or boxed. Part of that we can blame on law school. Neither of us had any real motivation to cook dinner when we were getting home at between 7-8:30 pm after a full day of class and work. The other part of this we can blame is on shear laziness, and the fact that neither of us really love cooking.

Well now that law school is done, we really didn't have an excuse, or the money, to continue our old habits. So we de…

One Year

As of Sunday, Lexi has officially been a member of our family for one year. Part of me can't believe its already been a year, and part of me can't remember a time without her. She is the sweetest, most cuddly, happiest dog around. She makes Nettie, Morgan, and I super happy. None of our lives would be the same without her. Now as she runs around the living room squeaking her toy ("the cuddle beaver") I'm so grateful she's here!