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Garden 2012

As the unofficial halfway point of summer starts creeping up I realized that I haven't shared anything about this year's garden. 

Despite the lack of posts, Morgan and I planted a small garden in our back plots in early May. 
This year, we went with tomatoes, green peppers, onions, zucchini, and chives. Then one of the boxes already has raspberries growing. 

So far, we have gotten tons of raspberries but not much else. Things look really good though on the other plants. 

Hey, and I'm proud to say, we have yet to kill anything!

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Weather Wall!

I told you guys big changes were coming to our tot school activity wall!

As those of you that follow me us on Facebook/Instagram know, I made a weather-of-the-day station.

It's super simple! 
Take some scrapbooking paper: cut it to size and laminated it to make the "sky." Then, cut strips from a coordinating paper for the "holding area." Laminate those as well. 

The weather shapes were all things I found online, if anyone wants them, let me know in the comments or by email. Print them, cut them out, paste to some colorful scraps of cardstock, and laminate. 
{The cardstock was just to make them a little more sturdy (and colorful), so isn't totally necessary} 

I used pre-cut sticky Velcro to attach the shapes to the holding area and to the sky.

One tip, don't just tape the pages to the wall, the Velcro is so sticky when the pieces are ripped off that the tape just rips off the wall too. I suggest the 3M picture hanging strips, they hold little better. 

Passionfruit Ads

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I finally did it. I finally made the switch to Passionfruit Ads. If you haven't heard of Passionfruit Ads, its a great company that takes all the work out of buying and selling ad space! There's no more exchanging emails, codes, copy, pasting, and all that work. Now you can just click and be done!
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And because a post feels naked without a picture: He's busy reading the blog on my phone! {hehe}


I distinctly remember handing Henry my keys last night after dinner. I needed to clean up the high chair and Morgan was gone. Keys were the perfect distraction.
Fast forward to today. Where are my keys?
"Henry do you know where Mama's keys are?"
{Nods yes}
"Where Lovey? Show Mama."
{Wanders around; brings me Big Bird}
"No, my keys Lovey, where are my keys?"
{Nods yes}
I finally just searched myself -- did this to my living room --

and still didn't find my keys.
Lesson learned. Don't share with toddlers. They have to be somewhere, right?

Toddle Along Tuesday: Dear Nicole

Ever wish you could go back in time and tell your former self something? Me too. We'll this week Toddle Along Tuesday is giving us the chance to do just that.  The topic this week is to write a letter to your former self. I couldn't pick just one age to write to, so I picked a few: 
Dear Nicole (age 5ish): Don't cut the spider plant and lie about it. Neither is worth it. You'll never live it down;
Dear Nicole (night before first day of high school): Tomorrow, in Astronomy, you're going to meet your soul mate. Don't drop the class. And don't waste your time with other boys - one in particular. The rest of high school doesn't matter;

Dear Nicole (freshman year of college 2003): History is interesting, I get that. But you're not going to be able to make ANY money! You know, money. That thing you need to buy stuff -- like food. Don't major in just history. Pick something else, something where you can make some money. I suggest teaching;
Dear Nicole (July…

Oh Lotion - Nicknames

Morgan and I never even seriously considered any boy names, other than Henry, when I was pregnant. In fact, we knew "Henry Morgan" was going to be our first boy's name months before I was even pregnant. I have no idea where the name came from, who suggested it, or why it was so easy for us to decide.
{It will not be as easy for our next boy.}
But for as much as we love the name Henry, it surprising how often we call him something other than his given name. His most common nicknames are: 

Big 'ole baby boy
Lotion - Henry has loved Lotion since he was very tiny. Overtime, we just started calling him "Lotion." Honestly, we call him Lotion more often than anything else. 
Buddy Buddy - It's never just Buddy. Henry refers to himself as Buddy Buddy. Its very cute. 
Mister Mister
Baby Boy 

So are we crazy? Do you refer to your babies by nicknames? Or do you stick to their given name? 

Click to vote for Lotion...

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Pink Week at Tot School

Henry is 15 months old.

This past week was pink week in Tot School. Henry was kinda naughty the whole week and we cut tot school short several times. Because of his general crabbiness during pink week, I decided to take this week off so everyone could get a break and be re-energized for next week. The activity wall was a bust this week. Henry spent way too much time trying to rip the baby pictures off. Next week, the activity wall will look very different! I added a pink pig to the felt board, which Hen played with some.

The tot trays kept Hen entertained for most of the week. As always, we had a color sensory bin. It was definitely the smallest bin I've done since Henry didn't really have very many toys to add to the bin. Thankfully, I had made sure to pick up a few things to add. Either way Henry really like it, especially a couple little plastic pink containers I got -- he loved to bang them together.

The second tray was a rainbow rice sensory bin with a few squeeze pouch l…

Toddle Along Tuesday: Dear Henry

Linking up with Growing Up Geeky today! A letter to Henry.

Dear Henry,

I wrote you a letter at one year. And I meant every word, but this morning I want to remind you of a few things. You woke up at 6:09 a.m. and you were you're typical self. Tired, crabby, clingy. And, honestly, I'm feeling about the same right now. 
So, I want to take this post to remind you of to stop enjoy life a little. You're a busy guy right now. The doctor called you "athletic" but other words come to mind for me: hyper, wild, crazy. With this busyness comes a certain amount of chaos. This need to go, I swear, makes you get out of bed, even on the darkest rainiest days to explore and play. A lot of you just wants to snuggle back in, take a snooze, enjoy the time. But something in you wont let that happen. Sadly, this means a lot of crabby, overtired, wild, hyper baby days. 
Maybe you're not like this anymore. Maybe, I spend my days trying to pull you away from the television, video ga…

15 Months Old!

Its been awhile since I've written one of these updates! (I decided to do them when we have doctor's appointments -- so pretty much every three months.) It's kind of crazy how fast these last three months have flown by. And looking back since March, its crazy how much Henry has changed.

His face has lost all the remaining "babyness" and he really is looking so much older. Physically, the change has been less noticeable. Like I said recently, he wears clothes between 6-9 months and 12 months with the occasional 18 month thrown in there. He still wears size 3 diapers. But he is growing! Henry unexpectedly jumped up to 30.5" long (28 %!!)! He's now 20 lbs 14 oz. He now has 8 teeth, and 3 molars coming in. 

Henry is still super active. He runs, climbs, dances, and tries to jump. He gives hugs, kisses, high-5's, slaps, kicks, and bites. Henry can also climb stairs like a pro, and goes down the slide at the park all by himself. Henry is also talking up a …