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37 Weeks!

Another week down! I'm officially 37 weeks, or FULL TERM!! Henry will no longer be considered a premie, even if born tomorrow! Most babies born at this point are totally healthy, which takes a lot of worry off my mind!

There's not to much to update you on from last week. I still feel pretty much the same, although I've had a few days with a ton of contractions. They always make me stop and think that I might be going into labor, but they just aren't regular enough. The will come 5 min apart, then 7, then 3, then 15, and so on. Totally all over the place. I just hope they are creating some sort of progress, and maybe they are a sign labor will happen soon. I'm starting to think they are a sign that I might be over-doing the activity a little, since they tend to get closer together when I'm more active. But that's about it. I don't have a doctors appointment this week (for some reason I seem to have the only OB in the world that doesn't do weekly appoi…

February Snow Storm

Yes, this is another post on the terrible winter weather we've been having. Seriously, can we get a break already?! This past Sunday and Monday we got another 12+ inches of snow. Ugh. We were finally seeing some grass and the sidewalks were actually down to concrete. I know I shouldn't have expected it to stay that nice, but I also wasn't expecting the biggest February snowstorm on record either. But, I guess that's life in Minnesota. When its nice out, its really nice. But when its crap, its totally crap. Now we are once again dealing with the cleanup from a massive storm. Poor Morgan was once again stuck doing all the shoveling/snow-blowing by himself. And I get stuck walking to work in the snow.

But don't worry - that snow will be gone soon (at least from the sidewalks) - because I reported every building that didn't shovel along my route to work to the city of St. Paul. The city has an ordinance which states that individuals and businesses must shovel the en…

36 Weeks!

Holy crap, I've made it to 36 weeks or 9 months! My LAST month! It has felt like I would never ever get to this point. And now that its here, I'm kinda in awe. I can't believe how huge I am, how big Henry feels, how hard it is to do the simplest things, and how much I want to just see my baby (except he really has to stay in today and tomorrow - because of all of this snow, there's 15-20 inches predicted, I don't think our car would make it to the hospital).

Over the last month, Morgan and I have finally finished all of our baby preparations. We are finished with our birthing classes, breastfeeding class, new baby care class, had our baby showers, finished purchasing all the little things, cleaned, and did laundry. We are finally at the point of just waiting. It feels pretty good! It's nice knowing that Henry could come at any point and we would be ready. Technically we do have to install the car seat, but its purchased and out of the box, so that's enough f…

Completed Nursery!

Well its FINALLY done!! And I mean done! The nursery is complete! I'm using a lot of exclamation points so you can fully appreciate how excited I am about this!!!!

Tomorrow is my self-imposed "must be 100% ready for the baby" deadline, and thanks to Morgan and my wonderful mother-in-law Anita, we are going to make it! Since my last nursery update, a lot has changed in the room. We got a couple new pieces of furniture: our chair and our dresser, and we bought a new rug. We've hung curtains, cleaned, organized. Also all the baby clothes, blankets, burp clothes, and bibs have been washed, folded, and put away. I think the pictures will do a better job describing everything, so all I will say is that Henry officially has the nicest furniture we own!

We are certainly squeezing in right before the deadline! Our dresser actually arrived today. Anita (my mother-in-law) was nice enough to have her handy-man sand and paint an old baby dresser that my parents had in their basem…

Warm Weather

It has been so nice here lately! Spring is officially in the air. We have actually hit 50 degrees! In February! But I guess that is also the bad news, its only February. There is more snow and cold on the way. There's no way to avoid it. I think, today is actually the last day for awhile that they are predicting these temps to last, tomorrow we are back to a high of 30. Which two weeks ago, felt amazing, but will now feels sad, winter-like, and downright cold. It's kinda amazing how quickly we become adjusted to these warmer temperatures, how quickly our hopes are dashed, and how hard it is to re-adjust to the cold. Well, at least for me.

The changes in the weather have brought some good and some bad side effects. For one, its melted a LOT of the huge piles of snow that have built up over the last couple months. It makes coming to a stop sign a little easier, since you can finally see around corners again! It's also been nice to start to see some grass again (although its …

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is from last year - but still one of my favorite pictures of all time! Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Today I'm officially 35 weeks pregnant, and have 35 days until my due date! Crazy town! We could have a baby here in less than a month! I doubt it - but it could happen!

To celebrate, I'm going to continue to wash all Henry's clothes, and the other baby stuff we have gotten recently. I'm also going to sit and rock in our new rocker!! For my baby shower gift, my Mom got us a super nice rocking chair. Its really unique, its basically a regular chair on rockers. Its the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in! It was finally delivered on Friday, and after Morgan installed the rockers (which was no easy task since it didn't have pre-drilled holes - thank God we own an electric drill) we have enjoyed it ever since. It fits perfectly into the nursery and makes this whole "a baby is going to be here next month" thing seem a whole lot more real! Its also official now that all the best furniture we own is in Henry's nursery!

Baby Shower Part 2!

Last Saturday I had my Eau Claire baby shower. I had an absolutely fabulous time! My grandma, and three of my aunts were able to come up from Chicago-land and we made it a whole weekend of it! Also a bunch of family friends from Eau Claire and Chicago, my nieces, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law.

Morgan and I went to Eau Claire on Friday, and stopped by my parents house to hang out Friday night for a little bit. And if you know that group, of course it was a good time - especially with the martinis flowing! The shower itself was Saturday morning. My sister Ashley and aunt Jennifer threw it at the Green Mill in Eau Claire. The theme was "Oh Henry," as in the candy bars (which I had actually never heard of until we announced that we were going to name the baby Henry - and they are super delicious by the way).

The shower started out by playing the ribbon measuring game that we played at my first shower. This game is super funny to watch - even with the few people who played th…

Going, going, gone...