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Henry is full of new tricks these days! We finally got some on video.

Isn't he cute?! Hen wasn't super into performing, but we got some good ones. But not the super cute, "muscles." I'll have to be sneaky about it and try to post it later.

And totally unrelated.

Elmo took over yesterday. Like crazy.

And more unrelatedness. That shirt is a 12 month size. My poor short baby, it could be a dress.

And if were posting random unrelated things. Click below, vote for me!

The Vacation that Never Was

Its winter. Apparently.

And whats a better time to for winter to rear its ugly head than on a weekend. Not just any weekend. The weekend we were supposed to travel to Chicago.

We tried. We really did. Our plan backfired. We got stuck in Eau Claire.

The roads were terrible. Our car slipped all over the place. Visibility was limited. The wind was insane.

Our fun weekend with friends turned into a weekend stuck indoors in Eau Claire. Oh well.

But just in case you were wondering...the weather was beautiful here.

Look out Chicago, because this spring, we're coming. Unless there is a freak ice/snow/wind storm...

Picture of the Week - Instagram Edition

And the winner is ME! Yay! It feels good to win.

I looked up one morning and saw Henry resting in Lexi's dog bed. He would look up and then go back to laying like that. Very cute. And pretty hilarious.

New pictures are up! Go and vote for this week's picture of the week. Let's keep my winning streak going! Hehe.

Behavioral Therapist

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows that Henry is a terrible sleeper. I could link up a bunch of stories, but I think I've mentioned it in almost every Henry update ever. That's how bad it is. Here are Henry's sleeping stats after last night:

Hours Asleep Per Day: 12:00
Average Nighttime Sleep Length: 1:47
Average Daytime Sleep Length: 1:30 (this is higher than normal thanks to a 3:00 hour nap yesterday)
Longest Stretch of Sleep at Night: 3:05
Average Number of Sleep Periods Per Night: 5.4

So with that information, our failed attempt at letting Henry cry it out, our failed attempt at the No Cry Sleep Solution, and knowing Henry's general disposition our pediatrician referred him to a pediatric behavioral therapist.

This past Tuesday we went and saw the new doctor. She talked with me about Henry's medical history, his reflux struggles, his personality, and his current sleeping pattern. We also talked about my expectations. My willingness to tr…

10 Months Old!

This past month has gone by faster than all of the other months, except maybe the first. I think it was the holidays thrown in the middle. But wow, what a great month.

Henry is growing up before our eyes this month. He has started to actually understand way more of what we say and what we do. He just seems to be "getting" it. Truly picking it up like a sponge. This month, Hen started coming to us when we ask him to, he will stop doing something when we tell him "no," and has started copying more sounds and words. This month, Henry started saying the word "hot," but we also heard him say "baby." Baby only happened once, so until he can do it again I'm saying it was just a fluke. Henry is also super close to saying "hi."

This month, Henry started doing so many cute little things. He now will shake his head for yes. He will "back-talk" by screaming or something when you tell him "no" (which is cute, but frustratin…

Lets Play a Game. If you Had...

Lets have some fun this morning! If you had $___ what would you buy?

One rule, you have to spend the money.

I'll start.

If you had:

$1: Wendy's Crispy Chicken Sandwich
$10: A new pair of Forever 21 sunglasses. Henry destroyed my last pair, so cheap and cute are my number one priorities.

$100: A really nice pair of good fitting jeans.

$1,000: A Canon DSLR camera. I haven't done enough research to pick a specific model.

$100,000: A vacation for all my family and friends. Maybe a cruise. Maybe not (considering recent events).

$1,000,000: A house, specifically something like this! But not that neighborhood.
Now its your turn! Leave your answers in the comments, or if you have a blog write your own post and link it back here!

The Tale of the Photobombing Dog

Lately Nettie has decided she really really likes getting her picture taken. Well, we only need so many pictures of her, but she has figured out a way to make it in front of the camera.
Photobomb. Duh.

And these are just my favorites. There are dozens more. What a weirdo.

Nettie would click the link...shouldn't you? Yes. I think so.

Uh, Oh...We Have a Walker

Yep. That's right, we have a walker. No, not Scott (sorry, I couldn't resist a little Wisconsin political humor). A standing on two feet, moving where ever you want, at lightening speed, walker.

Because of an unfortunate series of events, I'll get to that soon, I spent this afternoon watching Henry play. And although I stay home with him everyday, its not often I have the time to really watch him at play. While I enjoyed the opportunity, I realized Henry's not really crawling anymore. Obviously I realized this before, he took his first independent (no encouragement or help) steps on Christmas, but for the past week I've been saying its 50/50 walking/crawling, but that's not true if you really watch him.

He was walking everywhere. Up and down. Squatting. Carrying things around. Turning around. Going from room to room. It goes on and on. Totally.Non.Stop. Will someone PLEASE tell me when my baby grew up?! How did this happen?

I wouldn't say I'm thrilled …

Just Two Little Pieces of Business...

Here are two random thoughts I'll just go ahead and throw in one blog post. You know I'm all kinds of busy and stuff. I kid, I kid. But for real, they are random and not really related so 1. 2. 3. go...

1. New Picture of the Week photos are up! The last set was a tie, so lets not let that happen again (I need a win people - hehe)!  We are doing an Instagram theme this week. We don't have iPhones, so these were taken with our iPad, hence the really terrible photo quality. Bottom line. Vote away.

...wait so halfway through writing this I figured out how these are related. Voting! Its all coming together now, folks, its all coming together now...

2. The Kavanaugh Report is now listed at Top Mommy Blogs! TMB is a website that ranks mom blogs. In order to move up in the rankings, I just need you to click on the "Vote for Us" button! That's it, simple as pie. You can vote every day, so come back and vote often.

So, I guess this post should have been titled "If…

A Grumpy Baby Finger Paints

After our success with mess-free painting, I figured I would try traditional finger painting with Henry. And it didn't exactly go how I imagined it would.

After trying to eat the paint, Henry wasn't convinced that I wasn't trying to torture him. For the first several minutes he just sort of cautiously painted with a grumpy look on his face.

Then he got kinda wild with the body painting.

And then everything fell apart. I really don't know why. Maybe he didn't like getting dirty? Maybe he hated it? Maybe he's just the world's grumpiest baby? But I guess it will be awhile before we bust out the finger paints again.

Its quite a shame, because look how talented he is...