Articles from March 2010

March 27, 2010

Morgan Returns

I am not sure why I have failed so miserably at blogging. I suppose its because I am so busy reading and writing all the time, that the last thing I want to do is write some more. In any event, that's all I have to say about my lame attempts at blogging and I will try better in the future. That being said, I am really looking forward to the Twins season this year. I have been a Twins fan my whole life. I have faint memories of the 1991 World Series year and I have followed them closely ever since. Even during the depressing-era of 1996-2000 when the team was awful, I stuck with them. Once Kirby left the game, Chuck Knoblauch (#11), was my favorite Twins player growing up. Since moving to the Twin Cities in 2003, I've probably attended over 100 Twins games and I've loved every minute of it. Baseball is the one sport I really get into and get super happy or super depressed depending on the outcome of the game. I usually get over it quickly, unlike the typical football fans, b
March 26, 2010

Another New Layout

So Blogger changed the format possibilities for the blogs. So I had to change to a cooler format. With all these possibilities I might be changing it more often! Hehe ;-) Hope you like it!
March 25, 2010

Moving Part 2

Its official, we're moving!! Some of you may remember that a few months ago, I wrote "Moving Part 1" where I expressed my desire to stay in city after law school. Well that dream as now come true! Morgan and I found a wonderful single family home in St. Paul. We move in July 1. Its in a great neighborhood near the Mississippi River and super close to my current job. The house itself is on a quiet street, and backs up to a quiet city park. The house has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It also has a good sized living room, a family room, and a nice modern kitchen. It has new appliances including a dishwasher, deep freezer, garbage disposal, side-by-side refrigerator, and new washer and dryer. The house also has a wonderful backyard. Its totally fenced in, with a great privacy fence, and has a large patio. It also has a bunch of flower beds for planting and a garden area for fruit and veggies. It also has a few things that I really wish our current place had including a pantry,
March 22, 2010


I've decided to try to get more healthy. My first step toward a more healthy lifestyle is trying to drink more water. My usual water habit includes drinking a little water with dinner and a little water before bed - probably 10 oz a day. Well that IS going to change. This weekend I bought a tiny water bottle and I'm going to give it my all to meet the daily water recommendation. The water bottle is 10 oz so I need to drink about 6 of them a day to meet my goal. I have yet to make it to 6, but today I have drank 4 - so I think that's a good start. But, if you see me, you should ask about how much water I've had today! I need you guys to keep me on track! Thanks! This is my little water bottle. Yes its meant for kids - but its tiny - so its easier to carry around. Next Healthy Step: Exercise (hopefully)
March 11, 2010

November 2009 - Present

November 2009 - Present
OK, I'm back for my first real post since November 11, 2009 - exactly 3 months ago to the day. But our lives are not that exciting so there is no way y'all were on the edge of your seats waiting for an update. ;-) I'm going to break it up by subject area and give you a brief update. Ready. Set. Go! Law School Morgan and I have now finished 2.5+ years of law school and are inching closer to being completely done. We happily finished classes and finals in December to reach the 2.5 year mark. We were thrilled to finish our Advocacy class (class on trial and appellate advocacy skills), which seemed to be taking over our lives last semester. I can't even remember finals they were so bad ;-). No, they were fine, I'm glad they're over, and I think that's enough said. We started school again in January, and are now half-way through our last semester ever. I know that there were some people earlier today on facebook (you know who you are) that were doubting if this