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Two Faint Lines, Another New Angel

I hate that I'm writing another one of these posts. I hate it. I'm so angry. Angry at my body. Angry at God. Angry with everyone. Angry that I will never get to hold another one of my babies.

Right before Christmas, I started feeling some familiar symptoms. Little twinges here and there. I knew I was pregnant. Last Thursday, those two glorious pink lines confirmed my suspicions. Pregnant. Due on Morgan's birthday no less! Overwhelming happiness. 
The happiness quickly turned into shear panic and anxiety. "Don't get attached, don't get attached" screamed through my head. The lines were so faint. It was so early. I no longer had my pregnancy innocence. That light-hearted joy that I had when I found out I was pregnant with Henry. I now know first hand that not every baby comes home. 
The next day I took another test. I'm kind of a psycho and just had to see the lines again. Well, unlike both my other pregnancies, this time the lines didn't get darker…


Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a happy, safe, and wonderful holiday.

 I'm taking a sort-of blogcation to enjoy this guy --

But, I'll be back after the holiday! Merry Christmas everyone!

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21 months old!

It's been three months since I've written a post like this, and I feel like nothing's changed and everything's changed all at the same time. Henry is getting so close to two, I can feel the mental breakdown coming! Birthday party themes are being discussed. When asked his age, an appropriate response is "almost 2." ::breathes into paper bag::

Henry is a ham. Total crowd pleaser in public. He's smiley and chatty to strangers. He wants to know everyone's name. He has no problem chatting with everyone, although I'm pretty much the only one that can understand him at this point.

At a recent doctor appointment, Henry was 22lbs 8oz, so of course he is still on the smaller size for his age. But, he did recently move to size 4 diaper!! He's still in 18m size shirts and 12m size pants. I doubt he'll outgrow either anytime soon. Especially since he's become a much more picky eater lately. Everything is suspect now. Food groups should not touc…

A Year in Review: 2012

What a year. 2012...yeah, I'm not going to lie, won't miss it. I'm ready to move on, and I look forward to seeing what the new year brings.

I went a little different direction this year for our review. Here was our year in review:

Our three favorite days: Henry's Party, the 4th of July, and closing on our new house.

Bring on 2013.

How was your year? Was it amazing or are you ready to say goodbye? Link up and share.

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Christmastime at Tot School

Henry is 21 months old.

Since it's mid-December, we've moved to a Christmas theme at tot school. There are so many great toddler activities for Christmas that I've been super excited for this theme. Sadly, Henry's been sick all week. Some days he tolerated tot school, others not so much, so we didn't really get to as much as I had hoped. But, we will continue the Christmas theme this week too. {I apologize for the cellphone pictures. My camera died and the battery charger was MIA.}

The activity wall didn't change much. I did put red and green shape magnets on the magnet board which Hen liked. He still ignored the felt Christmas tree. 

Henry really enjoyed the tot trays this week. I think he split his time fairly evenly. The first tray was two wooden boxes and an ice cream scoop. One of the boxes was filled with plastic Christmas ornaments. He could then scoop the bulbs between the boxes. Henry preferred to just place the ornaments instead of using the scoop. If…

One of those Wednesdays

Its been a long day. A long long day. On Sunday, Henry came down with a mystery fever. Nothing super serious, but enough to make him a miserable hot mess. The fever finally broke last night, after he was up from 12:30 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. So today he was tired, still didn't nap great, and was just not very happy.
Last night, Morgan came down with what I can only hope and pray is food poisoning. He is laid up on the couch after an even longer night then mine. 
So, it was just me holding down the crabby, cranky, hot-mess of a toddler, a sick husband and two yappy dogs. I'm dead tired. And I still have to work tonight. 
But you know what's making me happy right now? Remember all that snow we got? Well, this happened too, and that smile is enough to get me through days like this. 

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I'm happy to announce that I am co-hosting the Like Me on Facebook hop with The Naptime Review this week!

As most of you know, I'm pretty obsessed with social media. Just a reminder, you can find me on Facebook ~ Pinterest ~ Twitter ~ Instagram!

Enjoy the hop everyone, its a great way to find new blogs and grow your own community!
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Holidays Traditions

I love the holidays, have I mentioned that yet? Seriously, there is something about a Christmas tree in the house that makes me perfectly happy in every way. Even on days my yard looks like this: 

On days like yesterday (we got over a foot of snow in 24 hours), when we are stuck in the house having the decorations really makes winter bearable.   With the decorations, come our holiday traditions. Morgan and I have really tried to make an effort to create some of our own holiday traditions together. But this is definitely easier said than done! I think we both naturally revert to our childhood traditions during the holidays, its sometimes hard to fit "our" traditions in. But, as Henry gets older and we travel less for the holidays, I think we will find our groove. 
We do have a few. One, sugar Coke! This one we started the first year we got married. When we decorate the tree, we have to drink one of these "real" Cokes. If you've never had a Coke made with real s…

Winter Tot School

Henry is almost 21 months old. 

Our theme for this week's tot school was winter. Our shape(s) were hexagon and pentagon. We really didn't focus too much on the shapes though. We are really coming to the end of the shapes but I'm waiting until the new year to start with letters. The activity wall was officially back this week! I made one of the Pinterest {follow me yet?} inspired felt Christmas trees! I thought Henry would like it -- so of course he totally ignored it. On the magnet board were numbered strips to make a hexagon or pentagon. He ignored these too.

The tot trays were a big hit and a big miss at the same time. The first tray was the major hit and where Hen spent most of his time at tot school. I placed a bunch of sponge, wood, or felt shapes in a container. Then had a laminated sheet with each shape's names in boxes. Hen could then match the shape with the word. It was the first time Hen had nothing but a word as a cue. He did really great! He couldn't …