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Clean Food Challenge

Remember back in January when I wrote a post about my resolutions for 2012? No? Ok, I'll remember for you. Well, one of my resolutions was to eat more interesting food. When my good friend, and crunchy-twin (its seriously scary how much we have in common), Jayne at the naptown organizer organized a clean food challenge, I didn't hesitate to join up. I need any chance I can get to spice things up try some new food.
The clean food challenge is a challenge to eat real food for one week and blog about your experience. This means eating only foods made of ingredients you recognize and understand. So, no Xanthan Gum, Niacinamide, or Dextrose (yes - these are three real ingredients from a snack which shall remain nameless that I often enjoy). Just good fresh clean food. 
This will certainly be a challenge for me. You may remember that another one of my resolutions for the year was to gain some weight. Well, that is still very much an issue for me and snacks are important sources of …

POTW - Boy Princess

I won! Yesss. I mean, really, was there any question? Henry was so cute in this crown. Hen doesn't know it was meant for girls. He just likes being silly, and sparkly. And I like anything that will keep him entertained while at Target. Win, win, win. (Get it - win for him, for me, and POTW!) Thanks to everyone who voted - lets keep up the good work!
The new pictures are up so go vote.

And while you're voting for stuff, vote for The Kavanaugh Report on Top Mommy Blogs. All it takes is one click per day!

Anatomy of a Tantrum

Henry has always been the king of meltdowns. That is no secret. I happened to be taking some pictures of Henry playing with his new wipes toy when he had a tantrum. I just kept clicking away. These pictures were all taken within a 3 minute time frame. 

Henry happily playing. Not pictured, he found a wrapper and tried to eat it. I took it away from him. Henry's doctor suggests ignoring the tantrum. So I just watch it unfold.

Tantrum begins. His arm is reaching out to smack me.

The shrieking starts...

and continues.

Now the crocodile tears. Hen can turn these on and off at will.

Henry notices his new toy again. All crying and tears stop immediately. He goes back to playing, as if nothing happened.

Welcome to my life, these happen probably 15 times a day. He's going to be a joyful toddler.

DIY Fabric Wipes Toy

Henry is obsessed with his diaper wipe container. Every time he gets his diaper change he bolts to the container. He opens and shuts it over and over. And loves it when I let him pull out a couple wipes.

So, when I saw this tutorial on Pinterest, I knew I had to give it a try with Hen. And I finally have! I started by buying a 1/4 yard of 5 different types of fabric. Then I cut it into roughly DVD case size pieces. Then, I folded them so they would come out one by one as Henry pulled them.

To fold: 

Lay one flat, then another covering half of the first fabric square.Fold over the uncovered half of the first fabric square over the second fabric square. Lay another fabric square over the first fold.Fold the second fabric square over the third square. Repeat this process with all of your fabric.
It should be a neat stack when its all finished --

Then, just place the fabric in a wipes container and you're all set. I used a Huggies container because that's what the tutorial used, b…

That Kind of Week

Uh, sorry its been slow this week. I've had several posts to write, but just zero motivation. I just haven't been feeling great. I have one of those little colds that just make you feel like doing nothing, but you really aren't that sick either. If that makes sense?

Blah, hopefully, I'll get off the couch and back to blogging tonight.

11 Months Old!

I have reinstated the ban on talking about Henry turning a year old. It's not really happening...he will be cute and little forever. 
But another month has somehow slipped through my fingers. Henhen is learning and growing so quickly now. The biggest and best change this month has been Henry's sleeping. We started his "boot camp" at the beginning of this month, and for the last several weeks he has been sleeping all the way through the night!!! (Yes, that is so exciting it gets 3 exclamation points). He seems to be doing really well with the new sleeping routine, and almost looks forward to going to bed at night. It's been a very big and very welcome change. 
We have not noticed any change in his personality with the increased sleep. Henry still is very serious, and pretty grumpy. We still have plenty of days where he will spend hours on ending whining and crying for no apparent reason. And he still throws increasingly dramatic tantrums when he cannot have somet…

The Dark Side of Pinterest

Ok, I'm going to temporarily lift the ban on talking about Henry turning a year old. Temporarily, people, temporarily.

More specifically, I'm going to talk about his birthday party. I've mentioned a lot how much I love Pinterest, but some of you might not be aware there is a dark side to it. And, no I'm not talking about it's addictive nature (is that really a problem?!). I'm talking about the pressure it (and certain internet mom groups) create to throw huge, elaborate, beautiful 1st birthday parties.

I don't know, maybe this pressure existed before Pinterest, or the internet, but I'm sure the access to the information was much more limited. Now, I'm constantly confronted with beautiful images of grand parties, beautiful handmade banners, and buffet tables of organic homemade culinary delights. And I want that for Hen, and, honestly for this blog. Who doesn't want their stuff to be pinned?

But I have a problem. I have a rational side. Hen w…

I Mustache You a Question...

Will you be my Valentine?

Hehe - This idea was totally stolen from Pinterest. And sorry this post is a little late, we had a busy day. It was one of Hen's last "first holidays." We had fun playing with hearts and making valentines!

Morgan and I are going to dinner together later in the week, but I did get a card today...

Morgan made it. The inside said "You complete me." So cute! I had a great day, and I love these boys! 
I hope you had a wonderful day too!