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Outtakes from Henry's 3 month photos. Thankfully we did end up with at least a couple cute ones. But most looked like this...

Mom or Dad?

There is a lot of debate as to who Hen looks like. Personally I think he is a darn good combination. What do you think?

Acid Reflux

Henry has seen/been treated by 8 different medical professionals since coming home from the hospital: a lactation consultant, 3 pediatricians, a resident pediatrician, a nurse practitioner, a chiropractor, and a pediatric gastroenterologist. This is crazy. This is not how I imagined our first three months of doctor visits would go.

When I was pregnant, Morgan and I interviewed a pediatrician that came highly recommended by my OB. We really liked her and thought she would be a great fit for our family long term, but there was one caveat, she was heavily pregnant herself and would be going on maternity leave shortly after Henry's birth. Morgan and I thought pretty hard about if we were alright with it. What if there were problems? What if she decided not to return to work? Would we be OK with seeing someone we had never met in her absence? In the end, we decided that we really liked her, and it was worth giving her a shot. After all, she would only miss two well-baby checkups. And i…

3 Months Old

It's official, Henry is no longer a newborn. Now he's just a regular old baby. :insert Nicole sobbing: Once again, the passage of time makes me both happy and sad. I'm so happy to be moving away from the long nights, super frequent feedings, and hopefully the bouts of inconsolable crying. But I'm not thrilled to say goodbye to my baby that just stays exactly where I put him, who wants to cuddle with his Mama, and the extremely adorable little outfits. But Hen does make it easy to move on, everyday he learns something new, or does something so funny, you forget that with each day he just gets that much bigger, that much older. Then, bam, here I am writing another monthly update.

Henry has changed a lot over the last month. He's now a little over 13 pounds and right around 25 inches long (these are unofficial, Henry has a doctors appointment next week so we will know for sure). He's become so much more expressive, and has so much more personality. Hen smiles at e…


First time in his Exersaucer. He doesn't quite fit yet, but he loves it. Isn't he cute?

Nettie and Lexi

I realized the other day that I haven't written one post about our poor neglected dogs since Henry was born. Really, they are great, their lives are pretty much back to normal. Here's what they have been up to...

Alex's Graduation

My baby brother Alex graduated from high school! Alex was only 11 when I left home, and now he is 18, graduated from high school, and headed to University of Minnesota-Duluth in the fall. Wow, time flies.  Congrats Alex!