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Rainbow I-Spy Printable for Toddlers

Toddlers are smack dab in the middle of the sensitive period for small objects. They have an incredible ability to pick out the smallest details in room or picture. Things that many adults simply glance over or ignore. They are also intensely focused on language acquisition. They want to know the name of everything they see and encounter. This makes activities like I-Spy ideal material for toddlers. We can help them get the language they crave and tap into their amazing detail power! 

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While Nora has been very interested in colors for awhile, I made her some color-themed rainbow I-Spy work! I used small objects from around my house to create the images. Some of the materials are common for her, while others are new. Then, I used the images to create a small book which we love! The book itself has been popular for many months, so I wanted to make a version that I could easily share with all of you! 

I settled on these small printable …

The Ultimate Montessori Non-Toy Gift Guide

When you are a Montessori parent, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what products make their way into your home. This problem can be compounded by a desire to keep toys -- especially many mainstream products -- to a minimum. Yet, it can feel like there is always something happening where a gift may be needed.

I know that I personally struggle with this. It feels like every couple months it's a birthday, holiday or special occasion. And, before we know it, there are just too many toys. So, I wanted to create a list of some non-toy gift options for families who just have plenty of toys. Or, for families who may just be starting on their Montessori journey who are looking to equip their environment. 

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When I call this an "ultimate" list, I in no way want to imply that this is an all inclusive list. I hope that I have included a nice selection of products from across the board. But, it would be virtually impossible t…

Handmade Montessori Material Finds

Maria Montessori believed that children were attracted to beauty. And, I think that any child placed in a room with beautiful objects quickly comes to agree with her. There is so much beauty in this world and giving a bit to children can be so rewarding, especially when you make it with your own hands. 
I love making materials for my children. They are often some of our most beloved materials. So, today I wanted to share some of my favorite handmade Montessori and Montessori-friendly material finds. I have such great respect for the artisans that create materials for children like this. It's just so amazing to me. 

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{from left to right, top to bottom}
Montessori Palmer Grasp Cylinder Block | Montessori Apron Set in Ocean | Mushroom with Screw Toy | Basic Loafers | Moon Phases Wall Hanging | Butterflies Organic Children's Napkin and Placemat Set | Wooden Bell Chimes Mobile | Apples and Pears Apron | Montessori Baby Toys - Newbo…

Preparing for Winter with a Montessori Toddler

I don't know if you have ever noticed this, but the more you try to rush a toddler, the slower and slower they move. It's like a law of nature. Like, when you are trying to get out of the door for something.
Trying to get a toddler to be independent and learn new skills in these moments can be some of the most incredibly frustrating moments in parenthood. But, there are still times when you want your toddler to learn new skills and be as independent as possible. The trick I have found is to try to give these opportunities for independence outside of the stressful moments. When the pressure is off. That way the skills are ingrained when the pressure is on. 

For me, this has been especially true teaching practical life skills -- like self dressing. The more I push when I'm under a deadline, the more resistance I face. And, the more naturally frustrated I am, just because "WE HAVE TO GO!" 
So, we've been taking a different approach with Nora and taking the pres…