Our Montessori Home {and tips to create your own}

A glimpse into our {completely not perfect} Montessori home. These spaces are in constant states of evolution. As we follow the child, the environment must change to meet their individual needs. So, today our lives look like this. But, your Montessori home could look very different.

How to create a Montessori Home


Choose authentic materials, and keep them accessible -- especially those things most frequently used by your children. Drinking glasses are a great place to start.

Our Essentials -- Juicer; Stainless Pitcher; Small Glasses; Dishware; Learning Tower 


Here its all about comfort -- being able to sit in a chair and table that is made for their size. Pulling out the table, setting the table, and enjoying a meal. Then, a place to clean it all up. 

Our Essentials -- Weaning Table; Weaning Chairs 

Care of Self 

These areas are all about making independence possible. They don't need to ask for a toothbrush, or to comb their hair -- they just can. Putting shoes on or away is simple. These are the everyday things that adults take for granted, but may otherwise not be available to children. 

Our Essentials -- Large Basket; Natural Brushes


This space is about comfort and safety -- at their level.

Our Essentials -- Mirror; floor mat; floating shelves

Play Spaces 

These areas about about organization -- a space for everything and everything in its space. This keeps things from being overwhelming or chaotic.

Our Essentials -- Shelving; quality toys and materials

12 Months of Montessori Learning!

This post is part of the 12 Months of Montessori Learning series. This month is focused on Montessori spaces! Take a peak at other Montessori spaces on these amazing blogs!  


Vanessa Thiel said…
Your black and white pictures are so inviting! I love all your Montessori spaces and ideas. It's gorgeous!
Bess Wuertz said…
I love how serene your space is. The tips you share truly make Montessori in reach for anyone.
Jennifer Tammy said…
Your pictures are stunning as always - and I am so inspired by your outdoor dressing set-up. Our front hall is very tiny - literally a stair landing, so I love seeing creative ideas to get the best use out of it.
What a fantastic tour of Montessori spaces! I honestly can't decide which space I like most. They're all fabulous and so inspiring!
What a fantastic tour of Montessori spaces! I honestly can't decide which space I like most. They're all fabulous and so inspiring!
BlogTanya WS said…
I love that you made the pictures black and white! I love the cleanliness and order. Beautiful space.
Elaine said…
I love your B&W version of these photos!! I love all of your various spaces -- a wonderful way to incorporate Montessori into the whole house.

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