The Montessori method is a teaching method developed by Maria Montessori in Italy in the early 1900's. The method teaches and encourages independence in children by giving them the tools and environment they need to learn. The method respects children as individuals and gives them to freedom to learn what they want on their own schedule. Montessori is child-lead learning at its finest.
I cannot pretend to be an expert at the subject, I'm just learning about and discovering the joys of Montessori. But, for me, Montessori's principals extend far beyond the classroom and really offer a wonderful  way in which to organize your home for your children.

While I first started incorporating Montessori principals into our tot school, I loved it so much that it quickly spread throughout our home. From our bathroom, to Henry's bedroom, to our kitchen and playroom, we strive prepare the environment in such a way to make it easy for him to be independent and learn as much as he can.

Montessori starts from birth! Visit our Montessori Babies page for all our baby resources!