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Tips for Introducing a Wavy Chopper

A few days ago I posted a video of Gus using a wavy chopper to cut up some carrots for our dinner. Then, I got a bunch of questions on how we introduce the wavy chopper and have so much success with it. This is Gus' chosen knife at the moment, it helps him contribute to many of the meals we make together for the family. But, it has been a process to get him to the point where he can use it independently. With a few quick tips, any toddler can start to successfully use this useful kitchen tool. 
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So, here are a few tips when introducing a wavy chopper to your toddler:
For the food: 
Start soft -- Start with softer foods, hard-boiled egg, fruits, soft cheese or meats. Or pre-boil/cook harder foods for a few moments. This will help your child become successful at holding and using the knife without needing as much strength. As your child gets more proficient at using the knife, introduce harder foods. Start Small -- Cut food a bit …

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