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I Do Not Believe in the Terrible Twos

Gus is right in the middle of what some people might call "the terrible twos." Most of the time when we're out in public and people ask how old he is and I tell them it is usually followed by "aren't two year olds the worst?" or "ahh, the terrible twos." There is almost a universal expectance that two-year-olds are somehow just horrible. 
And, I just feel like I have to say, I completely reject that. I LOVE 2-year-olds. They are amazing, curious, exploring, tiny humans. They have so many unique ideas and are open to so many possibilities. They are opinionated, they are passionate, they are truly at such an amazing time in human development. Yet, all we see are the difficult moments. 
I fully admit there can be some difficult moments as the parent/caregiver of a two-year-old. But, in those moments, we need to change our expectations as adults. We are perfectly willing to accept this myth of the "terrible twos" and see them as throwing a …

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