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Honey Lemon Tea -- Montessori Practical Life

Since winter will never die, Nora and I are both sick again. I have strep, boooo, and Nora has a bad cold. So, we are looking for a little extra relief and something to fill our long, slow morning. Honey lemon tea fit the bill, plus it was some seriously awesome Montessori inspired practical life. 

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For Nora, I just used hot water. Nora isn't ready to pour hot water like that, so I took care of that part. For an older child, putting on and pouring the water would be a great way to extend this activity. Then, she chose and cut the lemon. She is using a nylon knife. At this point, she was able to squeeze lemon juice into the warm water. 

A younger toddler with less hand strength could use a juicer to get the lemon juice. Then, it could be poured into the warm water. 

Next, Nora squeezed honey into each of the cups. I just sort of let her go with it. You could have it pre-measured for a younger toddler to pour into the drinks. An o…

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