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Celebrating Advent with Children - How we Use an Advent Spiral

With Advent here, our family is focusing our attention as much as possible on preparing for Christmas. For us, this means preparing for Christmas in the religious sense. Maria Montessori recognized the great connection that children had to God and their great capacity for a religious life. Even from a very young age (our formal religious instruction begins at 3), children have an immense capacity to know and understand God. 
This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. "The child must be permitted to penetrate into his supernatural life in his own peculiar manner. Even in the presence of God the child must remain a child...Respect for the child's nature, which God himself demands of us, compels us to search most carefully for those conditions in which children can abandon themselves most easily to God." Maria Montessori, The Child in the Church But, as Maria said, children are still children. So we must find a way to reach them in religious instruction in their …

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