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Our Montessori Friendly Christmas List 2018

With the holidays right around the corner, I always get lots of questions about what is on my kid's actual Christmas lists. While you can find lots of Montessori friendly toy ideas here, this list is specifically curated to the things that I think will appeal most to my kids. But, there are tons of ideas here if you are looking for your kids!

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Now, remember, these are just the lists that I've made. My kids will NOT get all of this for Christmas. Depending on sales and availability, I will pick a few things for each of them, plus a couple of joint gifts. The lists have also been passed on to Grandparents/etc who request ideas for the kids.  Henry Henry will be 8 in March! His ideas reflect his current interests. They are still hands on, and interactive, but for the first time ever technology has been included on our list. I've highlighted the ones I'm leaning towards buying. 

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