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The Movement Area verses the Sleep Space

We are counting down the weeks around here until baby Theodore arrives. I'm feeling like we are in that limbo stage where it simultaneously feels like we have a ton of time before the baby arrives and no time at all. But, at 31 weeks, I am starting to make some concrete changes and preparations for the baby's arrival. Mainly, we're starting the process of moving bedrooms around to create our nursery space, gathering clothes, and preparing the movement area.  

{Picture is the beginning of Theodore's movement area in our home's playroom}
This process has me thinking a lot about the two main Montessori baby spaces we will have in our home - our sleeping space (nursery) and our movement area. I think some of the time the two spaces can become muddled in peoples' minds. And, it can be difficult to decide how these spaces should feel, if they should be distinct spaces, and what each should contain. So, here are some thoughts on Montessori infant sleeping spaces vers…

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