Montessori Work from 12 to 14 Months

It's been awhile since I've shared the Montessori "work" that I have on Nora's shelves. These works are rotated through our shelves a few at a time. They stay with some of the Montessori-friendly toys that we have for her on the shelves. 

Montessori work for 12 months to 14 months

Many of these are easy and homemade things, and all of them are beloved! These show just how simple toys and activities can be for infants and young toddlers. So, here's what's on our work shelves for Nora from 12 months to 14 months -- 

Homemade playdough and sticks 

Smelling Jars 

Rings on Vertical dowel 

Matryoshka Dolls 

Sticks into Shaker 

Open and Close Basket 

Velcro Block

Musical Shakers 

Disk into Cup 

DIY Coin Box 

Food Lids into Jar 

Family Book 

And that's it! There's usually 2-4 of these out at one time, depending what else is on our shelves. I rotate as Nora loses interest in what's on the shelves, or if I notice that she is gravitating toward a specific skill. 

What do you have on your Montessori shelves for young toddlers? I'm linking up with How We Montessori to share! 



  1. Hi! I found you through the How we Montessori link-up. Thank you for posting these activities - I have some new ideas for my daughter now! Lauren

  2. Can you tell me where you had the Our Family photo book made?

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! My son is 15mos. I'm going to make smelling jars& a velcro work for him right now!

  4. Been looking for activities that are actually engaging for my little one, he's just turned one and got lots of flashy, lighty uppy, noisy presents which always make me uncomfortable, I feel like they're just designed to distract rather than actually help him develop. His turning one has coincided with us moving house and I've been looking at how to lay out his new room for him so that he'll actually play independently. My instincts have always told me I want low shelves for him, mimimal clutter where I can lay out toys/activities for him to access on his own. Had no idea there was an actual name for it. Great blog with some awesome ideas to get us started.

  5. Where can I get the velcro block? I looked everywhere for large swatches of velcro to DIY it, but I can't seem to find any. It looks like the perfect thing for my daughter and our church nursery.


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