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December 15, 2017

Montessori Friendly Velcro Block DIY For Young Toddlers

Older babies and young toddlers are constantly exploring their environment. They are trying to figure out every tiny detail and how it all fits together to make the big, wonderful world we live in. Often, we as adults feel they need big fancy materials to meet their needs. But, in reality, they really don't. They need lots of time and few simple things. And, this Montessori friendly DIY velcro block has been one material that everyone has just loved! 

An older baby sits in his Montessori playroom using a DIY velcro block covered in wooden stars. He looks down using fine motor skills to pull one of the stars from the block as he plays with the Montessori friendly DIY.

I made this simple toy way back when Henry was a toddler and it has been a favorite for each of my kids since then. It is so so simple. On and off, off and on -- over and over again. It take a little bit of effort. It makes a satisfying noise. It has interesting textures. There is really just so much to explore, in such a simple way. 

A DIY wooden block toy sits on the floor. It is painted white and covered with colorful wooden stars waiting for a toddler to play with it.

Make a DIY Velcro Block for Your Montessori Toddler

To make this fun toy, you'll need a few simple materials. I'm listing online sources but this can also all be found at a local craft store for a lower price. To make this you'll need: 

  • block of craft wood: mine is a three inch block, but I think any similar sized block would be fine
  • wooden shapes: I don't remember why I choose star. Any wooden shape would work. Star is nice and easy to grasp though. 
  • Velcro stickies: one directly on the block, one on the shape. 
  • Optional Acrylic Paint: If I were making this today, I probably would have stuck to one color and left the block natural. It's a judgment call, and so is the type of paint you want to use.  

A DIY velcro block for older babies and young toddlers

But, then, simply stick one end of the Velcro to the block, and one to the wooden shapes! And, bam. Done. 

This simple Montessori friendly toddler toy is an easy DIY. This velcro block helps to encourage fine motor skills and concentration. This simple toy is a great addition to your home for babies and younger toddlers.

What simple materials does your young toddler/older baby like to explore? 

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Anna said…
That is a super simple yet awesome idea. I'm going to make it for my little one for sure!