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August 10, 2015

DIY Mini-Habitat for Preschoolers

We are right in the middle of studying habitats and biomes! This is the perfect way to explore more about the Earth and is a perfect compliment to Henry's love of geography. 

One way that we have been exploring all the different habitats has been by making our own. I set up this simple tray for Henry. The tray included a bunch of natural materials including grasses, pine-cones, bark, rice {to represent snow/ice}, flowers and more. Most of it was gathered right from our neighborhood. Then, I included baby food jars to contain the habitat. 

After looking at a variety of different habitats for inspiration, Henry was able to get to work.

He carefully selected the materials he wanted, and we were able to spend the entire time talking about his creation. I asked him about his choices, about what kind of animals lived in his habitat, and the weather. Then, we named his habitat {he choose "Lucy" - haha!} 

See Henry in action on Instagram!

Once Henry had filled the jars I provided, he was able to dump them out into a large bowl and repeat the work. He has spent hours doing this tray since I first set it up. When we run out of natural materials, we just go on a nature walk and start over again. 

It's been a simple, hands-on way to explore the beauty of the natural world and learn a little something in the process! 

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