I'm not adventurous. At all. Not even a little bit. I don't like motion, I'm terrified of heights, and I don't take risks. 

Of course it would make sense that my child is the total opposite. Tall, giant slide -- he's going for it. Strange dog -- heck yeah! Fire -- even better. 

So far, Henry is afraid of one thing, and one thing only -- men with facial hair. He can't stand them. Suddenly, he needs his Mama. 

Knowing all this about Henry, I'm still not sure why this activity surprised me. I think in my head I still see him as a tiny helpless baby. Then, he does stuff like this and I'm faced with reality. 

All day Henry was running wild. He had so much extra bounce-off-the-walls energy. Just crazy. To get rid of it, he climbed to the very back of the couch {on the little ledge} and just jumped. 

Hands out, feet up, head first jump. The first time he did it I gasped. The second time, I tried to stop him. The third time, I was just happy something was entertaining him. 

This went on for almost an hour. Belly laughs the whole time. I wish he had a little more fear, but hey, I also wish I could live life this free. 

...and he only fell off the couch once. Head first...onto the hardwood floors. He got up, and went right back to it...I also wish I had that kind of determination. What a kid.

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  1. This is something that I can see happening in our house in the very near future. I love the look of complete joy on his face while he's doing it :)

  2. Too cute!! Is there a secret to catching your awesome action shots? Looks like the kind of thing I would have done as a kid. And the kind of thing that will no doubt give me mini-heart attacks once my little one gets here. :)

  3. I love how you have a photo of each part of the jump.. what a dare devil!

  4. I love the jumping pictures! Just found your adorable blog.


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