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August 14, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday: Balancing Motherhood

Toddle Along Tuesday is back after its small break! The topic this week is balance.

My first response is: "What's Balance?"

If any of you saw my guest post last week on Growing Up Geeky, then you know I don't have balance. {If you haven't checked it out yet -- you should!}

I have a very hard time taking that time for myself and not focusing 100 percent on others. But, like I said in my other post, I'm truly working on it.

I'm trying to set some more time apart just for me. And, I'm trying not to feel super guilty if I let Morgan help out a little more around the house. I'm taking my free time and trying, as much as I can, to enjoy it.

Why is this so hard for moms? Can anyone tell me? I used to be able to sit down and watch TV or play a video game for hours on end. I never felt guilty, anxious, or worried about it. Taking time for myself was a given.

Now, its the complete opposite. I always feel like I'm "on-the-clock" so to speak. Like, I am always accountable to someone.

But, like I said, I'm working on it. Remember that horrible unibrow? Yeah -- that's gone! I got that sucker waxed off! And, I even have a haircut scheduled!

How do you find balance? Any one have a good tips on making time for yourself?

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Anonymous said…
Brett and I have agreed that I can get some alone time on Sundays. Usually I spend it reading in the tub, or watching TV in bed...but sometimes only an hour is all I need to recharge a bit. So my advice for others like us is to schedule it :P Jessie :)
Steph @ The Kat Almanac
I think for people like us free time is best served scheduled. If its on the list with everything else it HAS to be checked off ;)
Jen + Jeff
Jen + Jeff said…
My husband waked up with Leila on Sundays and I get the morning to myself and he gets some one-on-one time with her after a busy work week. We both feel like we WIN!
Mommy Anderson
Mommy Anderson said…
Firstly, congrats on getting rid of the unibrow! :)

Secondly, I'm just now transitioning into the land of guilt and shame. Just 9 months ago, I could sit and marathon through episodes of LOST with the hubby. Sometime mid-pregnancy, I lost the ability to sit still. And now as we approach D-Day, my blood pressure is dictating that I stay on the couch and it's absolutely killing me. Keep working on that balance thing. I'll be reading along for tips.
Lindsay said…
Thanks to your post I scheduled myself a haircut for next weekend with my favorite stylist. Can't wait!

I'm with you...I need to figure out this balance thing, too. I cried tonight because I didn't finish all the laundry I needed to get done because I had a headache and wanted to lay down for a few minutes while Ethan napped. It's so hard. :(
Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky
I think it's guilt. We feel bad doing anything for ourselves. At least that's my best guess ;)