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December 19, 2023

The Kavanaugh Report 2023 in Review

I'm struggling to comprehend how this year has already come to a close. It really has felt fleeting. My littles are becoming bigs. Everyone moved up to a new Montessori level. And so much growth has happened. For me, as a mother it's been incredible. It's been a year of really watching my kids flourish in new and exciting ways. 

As a Montessori parent educator in this space and on social media...whew. It's been harder. Harder to feel like I can stay relevant in a world that has moved to short format video as it's media of choice. But, despite the challenges of the changing world, I'm proud that this year was one of stability for me, of showing up in the best way that I could to provide some real, practical, and hopefully helpful Montessori parenting information. 

This year at The Kavanaugh Report: 

  • I wrote 90 Montessori parenting articles 
  • We had visitors from over 200 countries and territories. Hello Timor-Leste visitor! 
  • I had an article published in the Montessori magazine, Tomorrow's Child. 
  • We are *so* close to hitting 700K downloads of Shelf Help. 
  • The Buy Me a Coffee Community flourished and I started to offer a few printables.
  • I brought back and hosted two bookclubs! 

Popular Posts 2023

In no particular order, here are the top most read articles for the year: 

Posts You May have Missed 2023

And, in no particular order, these are the articles no one wanted to read 😅🫣: 

I sense that there might be some change this coming year, but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me, this work, The Kavanaugh Report, or Shelf Help this year. I firmly believe we are changing the world for the better with the small ways we are finding joy with our children through Montessori. 

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Aleks said…
My favourite place! Thank you for continue to share your thoughts and experiences over here. It’s the updates I am always looking forward to and always am excited to see. I am always inspired by your approach to kids ❤️
Leah E.
Leah E. said…
Thank you so much for all of your content this year. As my daughter has grow into being 7 your materials for how to navigate different stages have been so helpful! The toys lists and shelf ideas are always golden. As we added in our third baby this year I had so much fun looking at the baby content and I ended up making mobiles with my daughter. It was such a fun craft to do with her while we had our mom/daughter time inbetween feeds. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I look forward hanging out in this corner of the internet next year!
Anonymous said…
Appreciate all that you do! God bless you!
Anonymous said…
I skip over video's. I feel like they are a misuse of my time. I prefer something I can scan, print, save and savor. Your work is valuable and valued. Thank you.