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October 17, 2023

Ultimate Montessori Toy List: Elementary Years

The elementary years are some of the most amazing that your child will move through. From the ages of six to 12, your child will move through so many intense interests, stages, and forms. They are still deeply interested in play and hands on learning, but the topics can be nearly. endless. With so many choices for toys, it can be hard to know where to begin. So, I hope this ultimate list of toys will be helpful as your Montessori child enters the elementary years. 

A collage of Montessori friendly toys, games, and materials for elementary aged older kids sorted by age and curated by a real life Montessori mom

Montessori Toys, Materials and Games for the Second Plane by Interest

This list is broken down into popular interests for elementary aged children. Browse the lists below by interest instead of age. Under. each interest there are a variety of choices that may or may not be right for your specific child. Remember to shop with your child in mind when considering large lists like these!  And, remember this list is not exhaustive, use it as a guide. 

LEGO and Building

There are an endless number of building block and building toy options available for children. Many carry over from the preschool years right through elementary. I have listed some of the most popular here, but this is far from an exclusive list.


There are far too many amazing LEGO choices for me to list them all here. I am going to list some of our favorites here and then if there are LEGO that are related to other specific interests, I will list those in that category. 

Other Building Toys

Gem Blocks: Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3

Graphic Novels and Comics

This list does not include specific series recommendations but ways to expand an interest in graphic novels and comics further into a child's play.

Kid Made Modern: Comic Book Kit | Journal Kit
Blank Comic Book Paper: Option 1 | Option 2

Art and Crafting 

There so many incredible opportunities for artistic creation for children. I will list some fun art kits here then some specific supplies to consider for different types of artistic expression below. 


Paint Your Own Kits: Vases | Bowls | Stepping Stones | Rainbow
Stepping Stones: 4M Kit | Daisy Stepping Stone 
Large Art Supply Kits: Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3

Drawing and Painting

Watercolor Pallets: Pearly Colors | Standard Set | Large Pallet
Color Pencils: Waldorf | Erasable | Metalic
Drawing Papers: Roll | Large Sheets | Sketch Book 
Special Pens: Scented Gel Pens | Glitter pens | Mini 

Handcrafts, Sewing, and Fiber arts


Air Dry Clay (real clay)
Air Dry "magic" clay (light weight)
Pottery Wheel: option 1 | option 2 | option 3
Cardboard Crafting Kits: Option 1 | Option 2
Cardboard tools: Saw | Knife | Screws

Wood Working and Building 

Woodworking offers so many great skills to elementary aged kids,  and there are so many great tools to help make that happen. Here are a few gift ideas for kids interested in wood working:

Gift list of Montessori inspired toys for kids that love lego, building, woodworking and more curated by interest for ages 6 to 12.


So many elementary children love playing and watching sports. Specific sports team related gifts are always good choices. So are books to learn about famous players and games related to the game that you can play indoors. Here are some popular sports categories: 




Basketball Pop It (stocking stuffer)



Gymnastics Pop It (stocking stuffer)

Active Play and Gross Motor Development

This category of interest is for big body movement that is not specifically related to playing sports. 

Jump Rope (stocking stuffer) 

Small World Play and Fantasy 

This is a very broad category of play and I cannot come close to producing an exhaustive list of possibilities for small world or fantasy play. I have included some more general small play and loose part options and some popular fantasy categories. 

Playmobil: House | Hospital | School




LEGO Dots Unicorn Bracelet (stocking stuffer)

Warriors, Knights, and Dragons

There are so many amazing options when it comes to this type of historical and fantasy play. Here are a few! 


Many children still love doll play at this age. But it often shifts away from babies to older looking dolls. I have not included many baby dolls for this reason but dolls that look and feel older. There can be a lot of overlap here with small world and pretend play section. 

Pokemon, Minecraft, Mario, and Other Video Gaming

Many elementary aged children get intensely interested in video gaming. But in today's world we are lucky to have many toys to support that interest. I have listed options from a few of the most popular game related series here.  Don't forget that clothing, accessories and decorations also make great gifts related to these interests.



Pokémon Plushes: Bulbasaur | Squirtle | Pikachu
Card Case: Option 1 | Option 2

Super Mario Brothers

LEGO Starter Pack: Mario | Luigi | Peach
LEGO Mystery Bags (stocking stuffer)

Other Video Gaming

Fashion, Self Care, and Jewelry 

I'm not including actual jewelry here but that would also make great gifts! 

Montessori kids love sport, fantasy,  fashion and more. In this curated list of Montessori toys, you can find everything you need for the elementary aged child.


Animals are such a HUGE point of interest for kids in this age group that it would be impossible to get every single animal covered. But here are a few fun animal themed toys including some more popular categories.

General Land Animals


Ocean Animals

Schleich: Orca | Dolphin

Card and Board Games 

Board and card games are endlessly popular among elementary children who are wired to work and play with others. Here are some classics and more unusual games to add to your home.



Single Player

Card Games

Gardening, Nature and the Outdoors

For kids that love the outdoors, exploring and nature: 

Nature Play Kits: Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3
Specimens: marine life | insects
Bird Call (stocking stuffer)
My Little Museum


Rock Tumblers: Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3
Rock Kits: Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3



Big kids love to be in the kitchen too! Whether they have years of experience or they are just starting, here are some tools and fun activities for kids in the kitchen:

Candy Science: Option 1 | Option 2
Traditional Baking Tools Sets: Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3

Animals, Science, STEM, and other popular categories of toys all in one place and curated by a real life Montessori mom!

Robotics, Engineering, General STEM

This is such a broad category that I can only scratch the surface here of the things kids into STEM might enjoy. These ideas are meant to inspire more than be an exhaustive list:

General STEM

Snap Circuits: Beginners Set | My Home | Arcade | Lights


Kiwi Co Robots: Walking | Jumping | Crawling

Engineering and Architecture 

Science Exploration

Tools and kits for scientific exploration without a particular theme or project: 

Science Experiments: Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3 | Option 4


As a history geek myself,  I totally understand this interest!  I wish there were more toys supporting a love of history.  Don't forget about books, DK brand are excellent, covering a variety of historical times/places/events. - I cannot list them all here.  

Excavation Kits: Parthenon | Stonehenge  
American Girl Historical Dolls: full size | mini series 

Montessori STEM Toys for Elementary aged kids


Mythology is so appealing for so many second plane children. Here are some ways to support popular mythological interests: 

Safari LTD Greek Characters: Medusa | Griffin | Minotaur | Satyr 

Character Based Play

There are so many literary and media based characters that elementary children could be interested in! I have picked some of the most requested and popular here. Don't forget things gifts like bedroom decorations and clothing items which I did not include here.

Harry Potter 

Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner (stocking stuffer)

Star Wars 

Action Figures: Original Trilogy | Troopers | Droids

Super Heros 

Spiderman pop it (stocking stuffer)

Elementary interests in mythology,  puzzles, sports, animals, STEM and more all in one place

Puzzles and Puzzle Cubes

Puzzle ability can vary so so much between children. While some children might never like puzzles, others might be able to do hundreds of pieces. I have added some puzzles to specific interests above, and here are just a few general examples of fun puzzles at varying levels of difficulty: 

Terra Maps:  China | Africa | Australia | World Map

Puzzle (Rubik's) Cubes

Remember this list is by no means exhaustive. There are so many incredible things that your child could be interested in. By tailoring your options to the child’s interests, you can give them a truly captivating and exciting experience they will remember forever. 

All the best toys for your elementary aged child sorted by interest in one place! You need this list from a Montessori mom of 5!

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