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November 09, 2023

Our Kids' Montessori Christmas Lists 2023

It's that time of year again! I can't believe how quickly the holidays come when you have five kids. I feel like we were just here discussing last years Montessori gift lists for my kids! I love taking some time to observe my children, figure out what we need, love and crafting these lists. This Montessori mom loves a good gift list to pass around, so feel free to share this if these interests fit with your own children! 

One note about this list this year, I have decided that these gift lists will not include my children who are age 12 and older. Once my kids hit the third plane of development, I will not be talking specifically about them any more.  

Real Life Montessori Christmas Lists 

Just as a reminder these are just their lists; putting it here doesn't mean that ultimately I will buy all of this stuff for them. Actual purchasing decisions depend on what goes on sale, what they express interest in the most over the coming weeks, and what I can find in stock. 

Here's a look at our family's Christmas lists for 2023!

Gifts for Toddler (Penelope)

Penelope is really hard being the 5th baby, she will be nearly 2 at Christmas. We have so many toddler toys from the other kids that it's hard to find things that we don't already have. But, Penelope is really interested in pretend play and baby dolls and a few accessories will be a fun addition to our dolls. So, here's what makes Penelope's list this year: 


Gifts for Preschool (Ted)

Ted is 4 and solidly a preschooler now. He's into building, creating, and pretend play. While he still likes trucks, he's also been much more into figures and hero play.  Influenced by books and his older brothers, Star Wars and super heros enter his play more frequently (I know not super Montessori friendly, but that's his reality.) He also likes logic games, numbers, and just a nice mix of open ended play and more structured work. 


Gifts for Lower Elementary (Gus)

Gus will by 7-years-old by Christmas this year! He is a builder, a crafter, and a kid that can get lost in his own play. He's also more social than ever before and more interested in playing with other people. He's also always challenging (and has a bigger list) since his birthday falls about a month before Christmas so we need ideas for both for him. Here's what's making his list this year as a lower elementary Montessori kid: 

Pattern Play Revolution (sorry this one I found used, check around locally or ebay/mercari)

Gifts for Upper Elementary (Nora)

Nora is 9-years-old and really just loves to create, draw, and write. She loves animals and small world play, but is also starting to move past a ton of toy playing and more into more "life gifts" and self care goodies as she gets older. Here's what I've included on her gift list this year: 

Art Supplies - Black Paper + Glitter Pens

We will also do a group gift from "Santa" but that is proving to be a more difficult tradition to keep with kids that span 11 years. A few of my children have asked for another Nugget Play Couch, but I'm also considering a large box of art supplies. I'm still on the hunt for a good idea, but leaning toward an experience gift. "Santa" also brings a large box of books which will have choices for all of them included. 

Planning out your kiddo's Christmas gifts? We've curated a comprehensive Montessori-friendly gift guide to cater to the unique interests of toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-aged kids. Remember, it's about acknowledging their interests, not just fulfilling a shopping list. Come, let's make gifting a more mindful experience.

I hope this provided some Montessori gift inspiration as you are putting together your own lists this year. Have any favorites that are making your lists?!

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Anonymous said…
Could you link to the cool wooden city/castle interlocking panels toy in the middle of Ted's list?