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December 15, 2023

Some Montessori Goodness at 22-Months

I just love one-year-olds, and I can't believe that in just a couple short months Penelope is going to be 2. Two-year-olds are fantastic too, but they really rapidly lose the "baby" part of them and step into their own little personhood. It's hard on my mama-heart. So, I'm soaking in all this time with her before this next phase of toddler-hood really sets in. 

This stage is one of real busyness. Penelope is always working on something. The days of wandering about the house seem to be behind her and she is more and more engaged in deep and meaningful work. That work isn't always with toys meant for her but includes practical life work, movement work, language work and more. 

Montessori Moments at almost 2-Years-Old

Here is a glimpse at some favorites right now: 

Fine Motor Work

She is in love with puzzles and small pieces right now. In particular, she loves size sequencing puzzles at this point and anything with a smaller knob.

Other things she loves: 

Gross Motor Work

Penelope has been my least interested in gross motor work toddler. Interestingly, we have seen very little desire (yet) to do maximum effort activities. She tends to play it really safe until she knows that she will be perfect at it. 

Her larger motor work includes: 
  • Moving the stool around the house
  • Reaching high above her head, especially when painting
  • Walking up stairs on feet

Practical Life Work

Penelope loves to participate in practical tasks and most of her day is joining me in whatever I'm up to. Her favorite is definitely watering plants. Again, she's different than my other kids because she tends to stick with the task instead of the sensory exploration opportunities that practical life work gives. 

She also loves: 
  • Watching her siblings do anything
  • Slicing and transferring food
  • Vacuuming 
  • Potty Learning and Self Dressing

Language Work 

This is another area where we just see a lot of interest from Penelope. She is very chatty and always sharing her thoughts with us. We also see a lot of pretend play where I think a lot of her spontaneous language develops. 

Too much to list, but some of the ways she explores language: 
  • Playing with her siblings
  • Less interested in board books that are labeling only, loves longer stories 
  • so much play with babies, dolls, and figures
  • matching and labeling work 

Remember this is just one example of how life looks in a Montessori home at 22-months-old. Always observe and make your child's unique developmental needs the center of the activity and materials in your own home. 

Montessori toddlers are so fun at nearly 2. There is so much purposeful play, work and exploration happening. As a Montessori parent, I can just see her personality exploding as she takes more steps towards independence each and every day! 

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