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August 03, 2018

Size Sequencing Puzzles - Montessori Young Toddler Weeks 34 and 35

With a strengthening sense of order in general, Gus is super into puzzles lately. If he's choosing work from his shelf, its more likely than not a puzzle of some kind. And while he likes knob puzzles, size sequencing puzzles have really been his jam. These are puzzles that distinguish pieces only by size. Or, ideally, only by size, some also vary by size and color. You can see a couple varieties on his shelf right now. 

Size sequencing puzzles - some examples

By chance, we have several of them. A Montessori friend of mine had several custom made and then her children outgrew them so she passed them along. I added those to our puzzle collection, and here we are! Thankfully, Gus likes them since we have so many. We all know I have a puzzle problem and I'm not able to let these go! 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Size sequencing puzzles - some examples

It's hard to find a good sequencing puzzle. I'm not sure why but these are just rarer to come by than other types of knobbed puzzles. I've been asked a lot lately where to get a few good ones of these types of puzzles. So, here are some examples if you have a young toddler into puzzles. While some of these not perfect (and what really is?!) they work on the sequencing skill. 

Size sequencing puzzles - some examples
1. Guidecraft Cylinders | 2. Wooden Bars (I LOVE this one, I would buy this if I didn't have any others) | 3. Small Circles | 4. Guidecraft Circles | 5. Narrow to Wide | 6. Short to Tall 

Have your kids enjoyed size sequencing puzzles? Do you have any sources for these? 

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