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July 26, 2022

Four For Summer: Favorites to Wear, Play, Read, and Learn

The summer season is short and oh so sweet here. The amazing thing about where we live is that we really get four full seasons. It's as hot in the summer (into the 90-100s F frequently) as it is cold in the winter (with weeks below 0.) This time of year we are enjoying popsicles, sunshine, water, and being outside as much as possible. In celebration of my personal favorite season, here are a few favorites for this wonderful season for both toddlers and preschoolers. 

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Four for Summer: Toddlers

The change in season is always exciting for a toddler, and like opening up a whole new world. 

: Field Shorts from Primary. I love these not only because they are cute, but they are nice and loose which make them so easy to get on and off for pottying and changing. 

Read: Summer. Just a fun board book with classic scenes from summer, and I really appreciate that it mentions falling asleep before dark. 

Play: Mini Boats. My kids will play with little boats forever. They can drag them around in the dirt or in water channels, play with them in the pool, water table, or even in the gutter. 

Learn: Flower Sun Catcher. Collect some flowers or any other natural materials your toddler is into, tape some contact paper to a window and stick! 

Four for Summer: Preschoolers

Preschoolers are so ready to dive into all the fun in the summer time. I find its a great time to explore outdoors, to enjoy a relaxed schedule, and practice independence. 

Wear: Googles. A good pair of googles is the difference between hesitant swimming and lots of water fun. 

Read: Jabari Jumps. Such a sweet story featuring a great message, gentle parenting, and fun summer outdoor swimming. 

Play: Water Beads. These are so fun! Wet but not super super wet. They are fun to pour, sort, roll around in, play pretend with. 

Learn: Outdoor Sink or Float! Collect natural items around your yard/park/street, make predictions about whether they will sink or float, then use a water table or bucket of water to test each item. 

Montessori friendly favorites to read, play, wear, and learn during summer. These summer favorites are nice ways to help your child enjoy the season.

What makes your favorites list for the summer season?


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