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April 20, 2022

Four for Spring: Favorites to Wear, Play, Read, and Learn

The calendar says that it's finally spring. But, here in Minnesota, the snow is still flying more than I would like. But, we are solidly dreaming of spring, and thinking about all the warmer weather that is to come. But, I know for lots of you spring is here and in full force. And, with the season change comes new and different opportunities for us and for our children. I thought I would share some of what I'm looking forward to this spring in four categories: wear, read, play, and learn. 

Four for Spring: Toddlers

Every season change is so magical with toddlers. It's like seeing the world completely through brand new eyes.

Wear: Rain Boots! I love this brand, but any solid brand is fine. No need to stop puddle jumping, or long walks just because of the wet and rain. 

Read: In the Garden / In the Rain! These are delightful little rhyming books featuring familiar scenes from springtime.

Play: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: At the Park Cards! These look so fun for exploring the outside world again in the spring. I love that these can easily be brought along on a variety of journeys.

Learn: Introduce flower arranging! Flower arranging has so many useful skills built into the activity - cutting, pouring, posting, and vocabulary to name a few. Plus it can be tailored to just the amount of work that your toddler is ready for.

For for Spring: Preschoolers

Preschoolers are fun because they anticipate the changes and start to look forward to some of their favorite parts of each new season. It's a chance to go deeper and explore more as they show an interest.

Wear: Binoculars! Try these around the neck. There's so much to see in the spring - new birds, new plants, baby animals, and binoculars are perfect for seeing it all. 

ReadSpring for Sophie! This book is just a delightful read for spring that indirectly explores how our senses help us to discover changes in the season.

Play: Root Viewer! These are a forever favorite with my preschoolers. It is so cool to be able to watch the plants grow roots and eventually vegetables under the dirt. This would also likely work by using a plastic or glass cup from a thrift store if you didn't want to buy the whole kit. 

Learn: Take a flower walk. Go around your neighborhood/nature center and identify flowers that are growing in your area. Learn their proper names and if they can be used for other purposes - like making syrups, as natural dyes, or to eat. 

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