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Four for Fall: Favorites to Wear, Play, Read, and Learn

Autumn is solidly here and we are enjoying the wonders of everyday life in another new season. One of my favorite parts about having children in Minnesota is that we get such amazing variety in our weather. We really do get each of the four season experiences here. As I enjoy cozying up to a fire in the mornings or lighting candles in the evening, I've been thinking about how our children's rhythm also changes with the season. So I thought I would share some favorites in our  Montessori home to welcome, acknowledge and celebrate this new season.

I've broken it down into four categories - something to wear, something to read, something just for play and some activity for learning. 

Four For Fall: Toddlers

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I love the change in seasons the most with toddlers! They live so in the moment that every season opens a whole new magical world for them, everything is spectacular. Small changes are noticed and appreciated. It really is real life magic. Here are four things that I love for toddlers for fall.  

Wear: Oaki rain suit! In order to enjoy the full beauty that this new season offers, you have to get outside. In the fall the grass is damp longer, it gets cooler and can rain more. A rain suit saves clothes, keeps them warmer and dryer and helps everyone stay out and explore longer. 

Read: City Moon! This is the sweetest little story of a child and their mother going for a walk in the now dark evenings before bed. It's been a favorite here at our house for multiple children over multiple years. 

Play: Play dough Stampers! For those times you can't get outside, seasonal play dough stampers are a great way to bring a little autumn themed fun into your play. Plus great opportunity to expand a toddlers' language around the season. I linked a wooden set we have, but these cookie cutters would also be fun. 

Learn: A nature walk! Get outside, bring a basket to color fun finds and have fun. Talk about the colors, textures, sounds, and sights. There are so many possibilities for learning in a simple walk. 

Four For Fall: Preschoolers

Preschoolers are also so wired to enjoy the magic of a new season! The fall offers so many practical and sensorial experiences that I think it is particularly enjoyed by preschoolers. From pumpkins and leaves to darker evenings and beautiful sunrises, the autumn has so much to explore. 
Wear: Fleece gloves! Preschool aged children love to really get in there and explore their world with their hands. Things tend to be a full body experience. In the fall, without a good pair of gloves, I see my children heading back inside far more quickly. I've linked a pair we like from Target but there are lots of options out there. 

Read: Winter is Coming! This delightful book explores the changes in weather, and in animal behavior as autumn moves from September through November. It's a beautiful exploration of the season and has been so so loved here by my children. 

Play: Small Rake! A rake is such a fun toy and tool for kids this age. They can rake a pile of leaves to jump into, they can engage in practical work like cleaning out a garden bed. When practical work is accessible, preschoolers can find so much fun in the process. 

Learn: leaf rubbing! Leaf rubbing is an easy activity to gather supplies for and teach. But it opens so many language and learning opportunities. For younger preschoolers they can learn the names of the trees and the shapes of the leaves. Older preschoolers can learn and even label the parts of the leaves. While any crayon works for this activity, block crayons make it even easier! 

Montessori friendly favorites to read, play, wear, and learn during Autumn. These fall favorites are great ways to help your child enjoy the season.

How to you recognize or celebrate autumn with your toddlers and preschoolers?


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