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August 15, 2017

Montessori Home -- Our Art Area

Today, I wanted to share a bit about one of my children's favorite places in our home -- our art area. This little nook is right off of our kitchen and is truly where my kids spend lots of their time. It's where they work on projects, create, and work. 

Montessori home art area. Ideas and inspiration for incorporating art into your home.

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

The space itself is not very big but has several little areas in it. First, there is the cube shelf {an older Expedit from IKEA} for the toddler-ish art trays. As Nora is getting older, we are needing these less but they are still useful at this point. Right now she has her Buddha Board, some bracelet/beading work, watercolors, and sun art

To either side of the cube shelf are tools for real work. To the left is the kids' stool. They mostly work with this in the adjacent kitchen. To the right are some of the kids' cleaning tools. They have a smock for painting, a small broom, a swiffer, and a small mop. They hang on a small tool organizer.

Moving further to the right, we have our easel, supplies for painting and for flower arranging. The little table is a RAST nightstand from IKEA. The vases are just assorted thrift store finds. The little cabinet is also from a thrift store and holds some of our open ended art materials -- little books for creating, paper, color pencils and paper punches -- at the moment. 

Next to that is our water station and area for plant care. Again this is an IKEA RAST nightstand! Super cheap and easy shelving that holds up well for all sorts of work. 

Then, along the last wall are some more open ended art supplies. The little shelves are just spice racks from IKEA with mason jars and a makeup organizer. Right now we have small markers, yarn, wikki stix, paint brushes, washi tape and binder rings. Then just some random tools that the kids use. The books under this area are where we keep our library books so they don't get lost with our own books. 

Montessori home art area. Ideas and inspiration for incorporating art into your home.

And, that's about it! This set up has worked very well for us! We rotate many of the supplies as interests come and go. I'm hoping to continue to add open ended materials as my kids get older and more interested in big work. 

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