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August 17, 2017

What We're Reading -- July

Well, I'm super behind! Here it is middle of August and I'm just finally getting around to sharing our books from July. There are fewer here than most months because we weren't home as much to enjoy library selections. But, plenty of reading still occurred! Without further ado, here are some new and favorite Montessori friendly book finds! 

Montessori friendly children's book finds.

All of these books were really great and my kids really enjoyed them. Henry's {and my} favorites was We Came to America. The book introduces some tough topics about American history but in a very age appropriate way. It opened up conversations about slavery, war, refugees, and our current political climate without being scary or overwhelming. I highly recommend it! Nora's favorite was A Huge Hog is a Big Pig. It's a super fun rhyming book with great real pictures, it was just a silly use of words while not being fantasy! 

What have you been reading lately?! 

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