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September 14, 2015

DIY Wooden Balance Beam for Toddlers

Movement is so important for all children. It's through movement that they learn to make connections between their environment and their bodies. It's through movement that they learn! Wooden balance beams are all the rage in parenting communities because they help toddlers learn to move and support balance. For years we have enjoyed our DIY wooden balance beam for toddlers. 

Nora is a mover. Like most young toddlers, she's just on the move. Busy, busy, busy. This wooden balance beam helps to support her vestibular system, helps her reach maximum effort, and is just plain fun. 

Young toddler plays with a DIY wooden balance beam in her Montessori home.

DIY Balance Beam for Montessori Toddler

Finding ways to keep her satisfied can be difficult and expensive. While there are many options on the market now for toddler balance beams, this provides an easy and affordable way to add a gross motor challenge to your environment. When I came across the idea of a DIY balance beam from one of my favorite bloggers Amy from Midwest Montessori, I knew we had to make one of our own! 

Young Montessori toddler stands on DIY wooden balance beam and looks out low window

Make Your Own DIY Balance Beam for Toddlers

This project is so simple! It's just some 2x4s and some screws. We bought two small boards. We cut into two 12 inches long and one 47 inch long pieces. After sanding down all the pieces to avoid splinters, the supports were screwed into place. And, that's it! 

It's the perfect way to provide a cheap, gross motor challenge to Nora. She was a bit apprehensive at first, but she's coming around to it! Plus, it provided a easy step stool and practice stepping up and down from a single step - a skill Nora enjoyed trying for a long time. 

Henry, at 4-years-old, also benefited from this simple gross motor opportunity. He loved it right away and spent the whole morning testing it out. So even if you have a preschool or older child, a simple DIY balance beam is a great addition to your Montessori home. 
Even years after this post was originally written, our DIY wooden balance beam remains a popular choice in our Montessori home. It was a simple DIY with a long lasting, and high impact! Definitely a project to try with your toddler or preschooler! 

Do you have any great gross motor DIYs in your home? 

This simple DIY wooden balance beam is perfect for toddlers who are interested in learning gross motor skills. Easy to create and hours of fun for your Montessori inspired home.

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The Resourceful Mama
My daughter loves her preschool gymnastics class and would love to have one of these at home. Thank you for sharing at #made4kids! See you Sunday starting at 10pm EST.
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing this interesting post Nicole. Really cute baby busy with her balance beam. I like it. Discover ways to make the most basic beginner to more elaborate suede covered home wooden balance beams. Wooden walker
Nikhita said…
Wow! These photos are really cute. This is a great Montessori inspired idea. Kudos to the Mom.
Vamor said…
Would you mind sharing the type of wood you selected (pressure treated? pine? scraps at the local hardware store)? For the novice, I am not sure what type of wood is safe around kids. Also, the screws enter from the underside? correct?