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September 10, 2015

DIY Montessori I-Spy Game

Henry is very interested in learning to read. So, we're slowly making progress in that direction. The first step is knowing what sound each letter makes. In a Montessori environment, this is actually how letters are first introduced-- not by name, but by sound.

Over the last couple years, Henry has spent lots of time learning about each letter and it's sound. He's fairly fluent if just asked. But, it's a bit harder to put that skill into practice. To do that, we've been playing the I-Spy game! 

DIY Montessori I-Spy Game with Language Objects

This gives Henry the chance to match a letter's sound with an object. Which is harder then just naming the sound.

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To play you'll need: 
First, start by placing all the language objects out on the mat. We just randomly scatter them about. 

We get our language objects from a variety of places. Some are these mini animals, some are meant for fairy gardens and dollhouses, others are mini erasers and similar household objects, some are DIYed. It's taken me awhile to gather all of the objects I need. You can also purchase them in bundles, which might be a little more expensive but time saving! 

Once the objects are placed on the mat, the first player picks a random sandpaper letter. The player looks at the card and says "I spy with my little eye, something that begins with //letter-sound//"

The second player then tries to find an object that starts with that sound. Once the object is found, the person matches the object to the card. 

Player 2 then picks a random card and the process is repeated. We do this until all the letters have been chosen. Taking turns back and forth. There's no winner or loser, just sound-matching fun! 

Do you play I-Spy games? How do you use language objects? 


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Aparna said…
This is so cool! will try it out with my 3 year old :)
Kylie D'Alton
Kylie D'Alton said…
This is such a great activity Nicole, and it's a good idea to incorporate the sandpaper letters. It looks like Henry is having lots of fun!!
Kylie D'Alton
Kylie D'Alton said…
And you have soooo many objects! Love!
Kate said…
I love your object collection and how you applied them!
Unknown said…
I love how you put this together! The objects are beautiful, and look like they're really engaging. My kids did Montessori preschool, and I remember they had little boxes with objects in them that they matched to cards. It was so much more fun and effective than a worksheet. Thanks for joining the very first #made4kids link party!
mina said…
How old is Henry? It is a really nice way of introducing letters, or rather working with sound letters. Well done and thanks for sharing
Debbie said…
Love this idea and wondering where you got the smaller sized SP letters? Thank you.
Edwine Nashasa
Edwine Nashasa said…
That;s great idea to combine these 2 things together and get so much advantage from using it