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Henry at 3-years-old

Henry is officially 3-years-old. SOB! How is this possible?! I feel like its been a lifetime and a flash all at once since he was born.

Henry's 3-year check up isn't until April, so I don't have updated height/weight. At his last check (at a sick visit) he was right around 26 pounds -- or 6 percent for his age. I'm sure his height is about the same percent. He's pretty tiny -- wearing most 2T shirts (although some 3T are starting to fit!) and mostly 18m pants. He has started to wear the occasional 24m pants but they are long and way too big in the waist. He's a size 6 or 6.5 shoe. 

But, for what Henry lacks in physical size he makes up for with his giant personality. Henry is so funny, charismatic and goofy. He knows exactly how to work a room and make everyone notice him. In particular, he loves little girls -- and they love him. But, he is very shy in new situations and needs a lot of transition time. However, he does NOT do well with separation, especially in new places. He wants to be with Morgan or me all of the time. 

Henry is also a worrier. He is very anxious about certain things and will worry about them for days in advance -- going to new places, changing his routine, or being left by himself are his biggest sources of stress. He is also exhibiting some perfectionist tenancies and is not very flexible. When he makes a mistake or thinks he can't do something perfectly he tends to resist doing it or outright refuses it. 

Henry is so smart! He counts to around 15-20, knows all the letters and their sounds. He can spell his name, the word stop, and Minnesota. He can name all of the continents, a couple countries and some states. He can tell you my name and Morgan's. He knows his address, all his colors, and so many other things. He has an amazing memory and just shocks me every day. 

He loves to use his imagination. He plays pretend with just about anything. Every object can be a rocket ship, or a doctor's office, or a family. He loves his doll house, everything Doc McStuffins and of course Yo Gabba Gabba. He loves babies and can't wait for Nora to arrive. His favorite foods are anything sweet or covered with mayonnaise. 

Henry doesn't love sleeping. He no longer naps at all unless he is sick. Henry does spend 1.5-2 hours of quiet time in his room, so at least I get a break. Henry also still wakes at least once a night (usually more) at least 3 times a week. He's not a fan of anything remotely "scary" or rough. He also isn't a fan of meat in most forms or most green veggies. And he continues to be allergic to dairy and chocolate. 

I wish I could just bottle Henry up at this age. The twos were anything but terrible and he has been a total joy. I'm looking forward to all the new things and adventures 3-years-old brings! 



kelly said…
Happy birthday little guy. It is a wonderful age. Sorry about sleep issues i feel your sleep dep.

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