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Olive and Ruby Kids Prints {Review and Giveaway}

I seriously cannot tell you guys how happy I am with how Henry's Montessori toddler room came out! He has been sleeping in the room now for a little over a week and it has been kind of amazing. He's sleeping, he's playing; he's happy, I'm happy. 

The room could not have been what it is without all the little details -- especially the fun and whimsical robot prints from Olive and Ruby Kids. These prints were bright, fun, and fit perfect with the robot theme. And, best part?! They were affordable! I can't tell you how long I searched for something just like them.

The quality is seriously unbeatable. They were printed on beautiful thick paper with a nice edge around the print for easy framing. Each print was signed by the designer and shop-owner, which I thought was a really nice touch.

Olive and Ruby Kids is so much more than robots. I seriously want to decorate all of my kids spaces around these prints.

Squirrels cooking s'!

A girl dinosaur! Perfect!

Seriously, it's all so cute. Need something a little more grown up, check out its sister-site Olive and Ruby -- it makes me want to get married all over again!

And here is your chance to win one of  Olive and Ruby Kids prints of your very own! Olive and Ruby is allowing one lucky reader to pick a robot or a monster print of their very own! Follow the Rafflecopter directions below for your chance to win!

*I did not receive any compensation for this post, nor was I given the prints. However, the giveaway is hosted by Olive and Ruby Kids. All opinions are my own*


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I agree, those little robot prints really made the room. You have a very lucky kiddo! If I had to chose one of the monsters or robots for us I would have to pick....ummm.. (so hard!) Morton from the monster crew!
Buffy said…
The Camping Trip - The Balloon Ride is hands down my favorite! The birds, the clouds, the neutral color, the balloon - it's absolutely adorable. Although the Family of Beavers is pretty stinking adorable too. I can't wait to move and have a big girl room to decorate! Definitely favoriting this shop!
cpcable said…
Super-cute prints! When I saw your post on the room I thought that you had made them yourself to go with the robot wall puzzle that you made. ;) Love it!
Dyan Robson said…
I would pick a monster. Not sure which one since they are all so cute!
It keeps eating my comments! Ugh, the alphabet is cute though!
cvxcvc said…
OK I love these, getting them for Nolan's room
cvxcvc said…
woodland nursery art
Nursery Art 'The Robot Crew - Rodger' - in Charcoal Gray - is what I would choose
Claire said…
It's so hard to choose! I'm partial to hippos so I love the hippo art, but I also sing you are my sunshine to Lillian every night so I think the you are my sunshine collection would look very sweet hanging over her bed.
allison said…
The Robot Crew Louis in Red!
Lindsay said…
I'd pick the "Under The Sea" octopus to match Ethan's "under the sea" bedroom! :)
Raffaella said…
It's so hard to choose! I love the dinosaur
Michele R. said…
I think I'd choose Dexter or Rocco the robots.
They are so cute. I love the Morton Monster. He's adorable!
Heather said…
The Monster Crew Ruby! so cute.
Sarah said…
If I won, I'd choose Edgar the monster, but I am really loving the "You are my sunshine" collection. Micah and I sing that to Aubrey before bed and it's become our song with her. I love it.
Erin Wright said…
I love "The Camping Trip - The Balloon Ride'!
Kerry said…
I love the Mix and Match Nursery Art Print 'The Weather is Nice Up Here.' That giraffe is adorable!
Jade said…
Those are adorable!
Heidi M said…
I would let me kiddo pick, but I think he would choose Morton.

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