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October 23, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday: Obsession

Toddlers are pretty much known for their obsessive personalities. They attach to something and just cannot let it go.

Well, most of Henry's obsessions seem to come and go. One week, he can't let a robot onesie out of his sight. Seriously, he carried it everywhere. The next week, its something completely different and the onesie is no where to be found.

But through it all, Henry cannot let one thing go -- the color yellow. All day I hear:

Henry: "MAMA!! Maaaaamaaa!"

Me: "Yes, Lovie?"

Henry: "el-LOW!" :points at one tiny speck of yellow somewhere in the world:

Me: "Yep, that's yellow!"

All day, every day it's yellow everything. Hen better get the yellow pool noodle at swimming, he needs the yellow cup at home, yellow chair at the library, yellow ball, yellow food, yellow corn toy, yellow banana, yellow shirt, yellow crayon, yellow, yellow, YELLOW!

Any ideas what color we should paint his new room?

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Olive said…
Hen knows a good color when he sees it!