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Short Baby Advantage

Henry is small. Really small.  At 12 months, Henry was 28.5" long, which was just over 18th percentile for his age. To be honest, I'm expecting that percentage to fall next week at his 15 month appointment. Henry hasn't really grown much.

Henry still wears all the same clothes, particularly pants, that he has worn for months. He is literally still wearing the pants he wore to his 6 month photo shoot in September. He has grown some -- those pants no longer need to be rolled up!

Sitting on diaper box, his feet hang.
Henry still wears all 6-9 month sized pants. For shirts, he wears 12 months, but they are all too long. With rompers and pjs, which I think tend to run smaller, Henry wears 18 months but they are all too long.

People are always surprised when they learn how old Henry is. Then when they learn his age, they say stuff like "oh, what a peanut" or "he's so tiny."

Barely taller than the baby gate. 

But I've learned there are some serious advantages to having a smaller toddler!
  • Clothes last forever. Henry hasn't outgrown clothes in ages. He outgrows seasons instead. 
  • Henry can't reach door knobs. So if I shut a door, it stays shut! I know that's kind of unusual for his age. 
  • Henry can't reach or see on a table top. So I still have a safe place to put stuff. And out of sight, out of mind! 
  •  He's still easy to carry around. Henry was barely 20 lbs at his last appointment, so I can still carry him without killing my arms or back.
  • Drawers are still safe - Hen can barely reach to even open them, let alone reach inside to play with the stuff. Same goes for the oven, fridge, and TV buttons. 
  • Henry is too short to get on the couch without pulling up or stepping up. So he is slow to get up! So I can still use the couch to keep stuff away from him if I need too. 
  • We have no problems extended rear-facing in his carseat - his legs are no where near the backseat. So, Henry can comfortably and safely stay rear-facing. 
Can barely see over the steering wheel!

Anyone else have a tiny baby? Notice any advantages? What about big babies, what am I missing out on?

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Carina is tiny, too! Thanks for making me think about the positives :)

P.S. Voted for you!
Melinda said…
You're missing out on the heart attacks that come from realizing the scissors on the counter that you thought were way out of reach are now in tiny hands. The one you get when you turn around to find her sitting up in a chair you didn't know she could even get into. The frustration of going through 4 outfits that don't fit before deciding you may as well move up to the next size. Again. And the hassle of explaining to everyone that she doesn't do "x" yet because she isn't as old as she looks.
Lindsay said…
I have a BIG baby and I get the "how old is he? 2? 3?" all the time. I get the look of horror and shock when I say he's not even 1 yet. My husband is over 6'4" but I wasn't expecting Ethan to be SO big because I'm only 5'0". He's in a 2T right now. It's a pain because I feel like I'm always shopping for pants and clothing since he outgrows everything so quickly. He's 26 1/2 pounds so lugging him around is ridiculous, especially now that it's summertime, haha.
Unknown said…
I've noticed that we've reached an age where the clothes fit Emi for longer periods. She has been in 18 month clothes for at least five months. So nice. And barely gaining weight, so she's still only about 22 pounds. Like you said, much better for the back and arms of us mamas!
This post made me smile. I wish I could keep my big girl smaller longer! It makes me so sad when she only wears a cute outfit 2x before it's too short for her. Now that she's getting mobile, I'm sure wishing she wasn't tall enough to reach everything!

Henry is such a cutie :) Thanks for coming by Happy Homemaker Me today!

♥ Bethany
2T!! Wow, I think Henry's going to be lucky to be that big in a year at the rate he is growing.
Some how Hen actually did get a pair of scissors the other day. I almost died.
Tasha said…
We have the opposite problem, haha. AJ is three weeks and two days old (yes I still count days) and he is already filling out his 0-3 month clothes. I am getting nervous because I bought a bunch of fall clothes in 3-6 months but I have a feeling he is going to be out of them by September...yikes!!
Idontrecall1 said…
Smaller means a lot of benefits that I have found, the clothes last longer, you don't have to worry about raising the door lock to keep the kids in, you don't have to break your back carrying them around, and my favorite they are still easy to cuddle with on the couch when watching movies (especially when they don't feel good)

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